Thursday, November 23, 2017


Scarlett Johannsen on the Cover of Cosmo

No, I have not been asked to be a cover girl for Cosmopolitan magazine!  (I'd fit right in, though, don't you think?)

Not that long ago a friend [Hi, SL!] told me about Cosmo, a six ply Japanese cotton floss, which she said is very silky to stitch with, and which comes in an amazing range of shades of color.  She also told me I could buy it at a quilt shop over the mountain from my house.  So when I needed to take the dog to the vet's offices only a short distance from the quilt shop, I made a visit.  

Six Pink Cosmo Skeins

This is what I bought--six skeins of shades of pink.  The quilt shop sells them for $1.10 each so I ended up paying $6.83 since I have to pay state tax as well.  The amazing thing was that there were at least 15-20 shades of pink to choose from!  Plus Cosmo comes in variegated colors. This is great news for those looking for a huge range of one color for designs like Patricia Spence's "Twister"which requires seven shades of one color.  

For those who don't live near me or near any quilt shops (as far as I know this is a thread carried mostly by quilt stores), the shop I visited has an online store.  They carry all 442 solid Cosmo colors and the 80 variegated shades.  (They also carry Presencia's Finca perle cotton in both size 8 and size 12.)

I found a bit more about the thread plus a DMC conversion chart here.

According to this website, Cosmo has a small metallic thread line called Sparkles.  This I haven't seen.

I've stitched with my Cosmo floss several times since then and find it very high quality.   The color range is amazing (although not every color has as many variations as the reds, blues, and purples).  I think if you are stitching something that needs lots of shades, this is the thread to use.

UPDATE:  Rittenhouse has a little video on this wonderful cotton floss.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Melissa Shirley's "Turkey Family"

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  As always I am grateful for all my needlepoint friends.  I hope you have a stress free day, full of good food, happy people, and of course a little stitching time.

(The turkey family canvas is from Melissa Shirley Designs, stitched by Carolyn Hedge Baird.)

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The Story Behind Melissa Prince Pumpkins

Melissa Prince just posted the story behind her signature blue and white pumpkins on her Facebook page.  Fun!

If you aren't familiar with her pumpkins, check her website to see them in person.

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