Thursday, May 6, 2010

Preparing for More

Today I checked over the Stuart Plaid Lion piece, looking for missed stitches, loose beads, or any furry spot that needs a few more stem stitches.  He will head off to Leigh Designs the end of the week to be made up into an ornament that will be one of the Dynasty ornament models eventually.  If you go to the trade shows, say hello to Leigh and the royal lion for me!

I'm going to start on the next Stars block tonight.  It's called Marlon Brando and is the first block in the second row.  I've also put my next two painted canvas projects on stretcher bars.  I'll start the smaller one of these once Brando is finished.    While I am getting organized, there is plenty of stuff for you to see elsewhere.

Pocket Full of Stitches' blog is full of new products and a new summer project canvas.  Read the May 4 and May 5 entries to catch up what the new owners have been up to and check out Lena the Ballerina.

Needle Works has posted their May newsletter and it is full of new and wonderful canvases.  Don't miss the Floozies.  Sloe Gin Sadie is my favorite but your tastes may run more to champagne or bourbon or ale.

Finally, Amy Bunger is encouraging her students to run wild with glitter glue.   I advise staying inside and hiding under your beds until Peggy puts her pen away!

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