Thursday, January 21, 2016

Leigh Designs Goes to Market UPDATED

Leigh's Seashore Santas in Deux Bijoux Bijoux Double Tray

Leigh Design's monthly newsletter is out and it is full of news from the San Diego TNNA Market.

I assembled as many links as I could find to the things Leigh mentioned in the newsletter.  Her Deux Bijoux Bijoux tray, complete with Seashore Santas, that a shop took home is pictured above since I know it's not on the DBB website yet.

UPDATE:  Deux Bijoux Bijoux has updated their website with all the new trays, frames and such that came out during the San Diego show.

You can see the four available Santas who are at the beach and the crowns Leigh mentions on her website.  I believe four more Santas in this set will appear in June at the TNNA summer show.

Here is Nenah Stone's longhorn.  While I was searching for it, I discovered there is a similar stocking (second link below).

I don't think Strictly Christmas has an online presence but I did find a sock monkey with Christmas tree on eBay that is cuter than cute.

You can read about the newest StitchPlay books on Michael Boren and Carole Lake's website.

Rainbow Gallery hasn't updated their website yet but you can see the Entice, Capri and Silk Lame colors from this fall there.

Leigh's already told you how dangerous it is to get anywhere near Hug Me bags.  But if you are feeling brave, here is their website.  The pretty red Passport fabric is on the right side, third row from the bottom.

I didn't find a photograph but you can read about the Stumpwork Implement Kit from Access Commodities here.

Here is a bit about the Spanish style gold work class Leigh mentions.  For more of her jaw-dropping work, visit her blog in the second link below.

Hope you had fun reading about the show from the Leigh perspective!

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