Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Finding Counted Canvaswork Designs

Fiber Talk's podcast for December 14 was a look back at 2022.  It was interesting but the thing that really caught my attention was the problems counted folks have finding out about the newest designs.

According to the Fiber Talk moderators who are all counted stitchers, charts just don't get promoted in the same way that painted canvases do.  Designers do go to the trade shows but since they appear to go to the cross stitch shows, they are not noticed as much.  So the shops don't learn about the new charts, even if you happen to have a shop in your neighborhood.  Fiber Talk mentioned Thistle Needleworks as being a source for many older charts and a place that will order anything you want, assuming you know about it, of course.

Thistle Needleworks has a second website for mostly painted canvases.  They bought the shop when the owner decided to move but never changed the name to Thistle Needleworks because so many of their customers know the website under the Alex Paras name.  It has some counted items listed.

Many designs are classes only, as well.  If you are a fan of Margaret Bendig's work or follow Debbie Rowley/DebBees Designs, you'll know the frustration of designs that are being taught only available as a class.  Debbie does cyberclasses but Margaret's are usually only available as in-person and her charts can't be purchased unless you find one for sale on eBay or the stash sales sites.  Often there's the additional barrier of counted pieces being taught at ANG or EGA seminars or at local chapters.  What do you do if you aren't a member?  Or the chapter doesn't allow ghost stitchers in a class?

Cyperpointers, ANG's online chapter, is an option, although you'll have to join ANG and pay both national and local chapter dues. 

ANG and EGA also have long distance class options, and many of those are counted projects.  Needle Pointers, ANG's magazine which is for dues-paying members only, has quite a few charted projects in it.  You can find old issues on eBay.  

You might want to subscribe to Needlepoint Now magazine as every issue has charted designs.  In 2023 they are publishing the charts for Kam Wenzloff's Leaves wreath, which a lot of folks are interested in.  Also, watch eBay for old issues of the magazine where you can find classic designs like Gayle Bicknell's Pieces of Eight.

Many shops are kitting out the Leaves project and some have classes where participants can stitch together.

A good place to find out about the newest counted canvaswork projects is Facebook's Counted Needlepoint Nation.

Many people post charted work on Facebook's Needlepoint Nation but it's more geared toward the painted canvas stitcher.

The Fiber Talk folks mentioned signing up for notifications from their favorite designers on their websites.  People like Gay Ann Rogers don't overwhelm you with emails, just let you know when designs will be available for sale.  You'll also hear about the newest projects on designer websites.  But how do you find the designers' websites?  It's easy.  Blog has a listing of all the counted canvaswork designers I know about, with links to their websites.  I usually list a link to any free designs they've posted, too.  The article is one of the tabs on Blog's front page.  Here's the direct URL.

I also have a tab that lists shops that have a lot of charts and supplies for the counted crowd.  These were all recommended to me as I don't do many charts myself.

If you aren't in the USA, this list of shops that ship outside America's borders may be useful.  Even if they don't stock muchin the way of counted designs, they can probably help get what you need.

I hope this helps.  There are resources available.  You might have to dig a bit but I imagine that Counted Needlepoint Nation is full of more ideas if you want to join that Facebook group.

Good luck.  

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