Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Compensation Help

Unless the only stitch you ever use is a tent stitch, eventually you will have a stitch that doesn't fit the shape you are stitching. That's when you have to compensate. But how do you to that? Not to worry, we have lots and lots of help.

Ruth Schmuff has a lovely little trick to help you compensate an area.

Sandy Arthur has some good information at the bottom of this blog article in her Tips to Treasure section.

If compensation drives you nuts and you need more help, you might be interested in Susan Robert's Compensation 101: The Art of Partial Stitches for Needlepoint. It's the only book that is all about compensation I know about. It is 45 pages long, so it's not a big book.

I've not seen it but it's gotten rave reviews from purchasers on NP Nation. Please note this is a Kindle book, so you will have to buy it from Amazon and will need the Kindle app downloaded to read it.

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