Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We Wait (And I Worry) UPDATED AGAIN

If you are like me, during your stitching career you have ordered something from a shop they didn't have in stock, then waited and waited for it to come in.   I once waited six weeks for a piece of silk gauze I was told should be there in a month, then when I contacted the shop for an estimate of the arrival date, they told me they hadn't actually placed the order yet because they couldn't order from that manufacturer unless they met the minimum order dollar amount.  They were waiting until they had enough things on their Wish List to place an order.  This happens enough to stitchers that I see a weekly posting on Needlepoint Nation that says something like "Would any shop that has this in stock contact me?"  Stitchers have been burned enough that they try to find the item they desire from anyone before they place an order with their local shop and end up waiting until they barely remember what they ordered.  Ever wonder why businesses are run this way?  Tricia gives us a glimpse of the business thinking behind this behavior.

She also points out that the artisans who are the heart of this business are retiring, and not replacable.

UPDATE:  Tricia talks about the death of one of her businesses, illustrating how the various forces operate on small companies that cater to the handwork elite.

UPDATE #2:  Kreinik is stocking up on the Tokens and Trifles items while they can.

I have to tell you, when I see all the threads we have available today and then read the above, I am really worried about the future.  Are we living in the last Golden Age of Needlepoint?  But Tricia doesn't just worry, she has a proposal.

UPDATE #3:  Tricia was sent information about the wool industry that explains even more just how precarious needle art businesses are and the things that have to go right to give us our supplies.

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Needlepoint Boxes

If you are a fan of tiny Limoges china boxes for rings and other small items, you will love the boxes Ridgewood customers have stitched. 

I think these are all from Julia's Needleworks, but I am not certain.

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