Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Jude Designs' Christmas Alligator
It's the week of Thanksgiving here in the United States and stitchers who blog are posting about what they are grateful for in their lives.  Diane's thankful for finished pieces and new designs and especially grateful for her family as she hobbles around on a broken ankle.

Melinda's grateful for her family and Gives Thanks in a special way.

Me, I am immersed in Christmas prep.  For the first time ever the grandkids will be here Christmas morning.  I have been spring cleaning since early October when we learned they were coming.  We are also trying to finish renovation projects we started before we knew we'd have company.  I've refinished three pieces of furniture and have three-four more to do before 12/25.  All this means I have been too busy to stitch on my Day of the Dead lady.  She's put safely away in a closet while I paint various areas of the house.  That doesn't mean I am not stitching at all.  I pulled out this darling Christmas ornament form Jude Designs to keep me company evenings after I collapse from a day's physical labor.  I don't have to document what I stitch in a guide and I don't have to make it perfect.  This is just for my entertainment and relaxation.  Here's Jude's website.  I love her Cajun and New Orleans designs!

The Christmas alligator is on 18 count canvas.  I drew a four inch circle around the animal to mark off the background I will stitch.  You might see the blue lines in the above photo if you squint.

Stitching the Christmas 'gator also keeps my mind off Beloved, who decided to replace the toilet in the main floor bathroom before company arrived.  You guessed it--the little half bath we use more than any other is now gutted after he discovered a leak and had to remove the vinyl flooring and replace some of the subflooring.   I will be priming those walls after a short Thanksgiving trip to see my mother.  The new vanity sink will arrive this week.  I have no idea where we'll put it while Beloved tiles the bathroom floor but I suppose we'll think of something.  He also plans a drop ceiling and new lights and of course the baseboard had to be torn out and will be replaced after the floor is tiled.

Beloved would also like to replace the kitchen sink.  Over my dead body.

But despite all the work, I am grateful his family is coming to visit.  Anyone want to clean out another kitchen cabinet while I sand that new chest of drawers?  If you prefer you can wax the double rocker and the dogs both need a good brushing before I bathe them....

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Basketweave Versus Continental?

Kimberly takes up the eternal question--when do you use basketweave instead of continental (or vice versa).

Personally I use continental when the row is just one stitch high or when I'm running out of thread.  Otherwise I am basketweave all the way.  How about you?

One of the customers at Quail Run answered the question with basketweave beautifully!

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Traveling with Santa

I write Blog articles way ahead of time, especially during the fall when I am usually very busy with holiday plans and getting the outside chores done before winter. That means Robin has been home from her teaching trip to Needle Bug in Montgomery quite a while but this is still a great time to publish her write-up since we are all looking for easy and tasty holiday treats to make and unusual Christmas ornaments to stitch. Robin has both!  The Leigh Miller canvases are exclusive to the Needle Bug so stock up now before they run out and decide not to reissue.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow
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