Friday, July 2, 2010

Jane's Leafy Adventure: Part Three

A Brown Vein for Cha's Large Leaves
The six leaves clustered around the large flower are the biggest concentration of leaves on this canvas.  They are painted almost identically except for the upright one with green veins.  I decided to stitch the identical five just as I stitched the two oval leaves under the fruit cluster.  The veins are tent stitched using Rainbow Linen and the leaves themselves are done just as I described yesterday.  I realized after I stitched the first few leaves that I should do the veins before the actual leaf stitches were in so as to give myself a good place to start and end my light coverage leaf stitches.  If you do light coverage stitches, think about stitch order as much as possible so that you can give yourself good starting and ending places adjacent to the light coverage.

The final leaf I stitched was the one with the green vein shown above.  It has a lot of dark green on it and it is vertically oriented because of the point.  I thought about how to make it look a little different from the other leaves surrounding the large flower with my stitches and thread choices since the designer painted it slightly differently from its neighbors.  Might as well copy the designer's wishes, right?   After all, I love how this design was done.

So I used the same stitch used on the plum, the peach and the two small leaves near the partial flower, but instead of doing it running horizontally, I turned the canvas on its side and stitched this leaf so that when the canvas is in the upright position, it runs vertically.  I also used just the medium green thread instead of including any of my yellow-green silk.  Once the leaf stitch was done, I put stem stitches on top of the veins using that yellow-green color.  So this leaf is stitched the same and differently at the same time.

Tomorrow I'll post a photo of the big flower and its leaves and then one of entire canvas so you can see everything in context.

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