Thursday, January 6, 2011

ANG Stitch of the Month--Congress Cloth Versus 18 Count Mono

Ro Pace's Flowers of Italy is ANG's Stitch of the Month project for 2011.  You can find this on the American Needlepoint Guild website.  Just click on the January 2011 link at this page for the January introduction.  More will be posted each month of the year as the project unfolds.

Notice that the materials list calls for a 14 inch by 10 inch piece of congress cloth.  They aren't kidding, folks.  You will need a piece this large to stitch the entire project.  However, congress cloth shows damage if you rip stitches out.  You can either substitute 18 count mono needlepoint canvas for the congress cloth in the instructions, or you can try the tips Gay Ann Rogers just posted on her website for dealing with ripped out areas on congress cloth.

If you go the 18 count route, the ANG list has posted you will need a 19x13 inch piece of 18 count canvas.  Yes, this is going to be a big project on 18 count but it'll be fun.

UPDATE:  Scarlet Thread has posted an update on the thread packs they are assembling for the 2011 SOTM.

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