Saturday, October 31, 2015

Here's a Halloween Treat for You

This makes a wonderful all over background, a neat border or even just a stripe down an area of your spooky canvas.


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Boo to You (SJ Designs) UPDATED

Susan Johnson of SJ Designs posted a free Halloween ornament for stitchers to create on her website.  It's called the "Boo to You" ornament and looks to be a fun and fast stash buster to stitch on Halloween.  It's meant to be totally beaded but there is no reason you can't pull colors of threads from your stash and follow the chart in tent stitches.

UPDATE:  Susan has reposted last year's "Very Very Merry" chart, just in case folks missed it.

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Was it Shakespeare's three witches who talked about "eye of newt and toe of frog?"  Do you think he was thinking about the Zecca retreat at Bedecked and Beadazzled?

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Now That's A PUMPKIN

Ridgewood just posted photos of finished Melissa Shirley "Sourpuss Pumpkins" on their blog. Now that is a PUMPKIN!

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Friday, October 30, 2015

New Overdyed Silk Ribbons

If you love River Silk's ribbons for their quality but want more overdyed color mixes, Vicki Day Designs is a website you will want to visit.   Vicki hand dyes River Silks' white 3mm and 7mm ribbons in 19 color combos, each more beautiful than the next.

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Halloween Finishing

Steph shows off the wonderful dimensional Halloween house ornaments from Squiggee...

... while Ada Hayden shows off finished Halloween framing, a cone and her charming pumpkins.

Happy Spooky Finishing!

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Liz Teams with Jim Williams and the Gardner's Alphabet is Reborn

Back in 1982 Jim Williams published a series of floral alphabet letters in Needlepoint News magazine. Liz Morrow helped with the charting for the magazine at that time and always loved these, so she was thrilled when Mr. Williams gave her permission to chart each letter with its flowers and republish the designs.

Each letter is sold separately as a PDF file via Liz's website.

You can see more of the models here...

...and here.

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Ideas for Stitching the Ocean

Kreinik's periodic column for Mr. X Stitch has plenty of ideas for stitching the ocean and the creatures that (may or may not) live there.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Can Barely See Mary for the Pretty Trees UPDATED

Mary Waldsmith of Owl Stitchery just announced more about access to her famous tree designs.   If you belong to ANG, you'll get the Silver Blue Tree chart in the November 2016 issue of Needle Pointers. The Elegant Holiday Tree is available from EGA and local ANG chapters can use it as a program if you make arrangements with Mary.  Mary will be teaching her Mini Checked Pine at EGA's South Central Regional Seminar in Dallas next June.

Thanks, Mary!  Your trees are beautiful! Counted canvas workers everywhere can go to bed happy tonight, with the new tree and star charts available.

UPDATE:  Mary posted photos of four versions of her tree stitched by John Waddell.  He even added borders to all four.  Amazing!

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Carol's Christmas Freebie

The Australian counted canvaswork teacher and designer Carol Young just posted several photos and diagrams of a free Christmas star pattern on Facebook. Thank you, Carol!

You can see more of Carol's work on her blog.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Vicky Goes to Charleston

Vicky DeAngelis went to the ANG Seminar in Myrtle Beach via Charleston, South Carolina and managed to squeeze in a visit to Cabbage Row Shoppe Needlepoint. Thanks for the travelogue, Vicky!

You can see the portrait of Molly better on the Barbara Russell Needlepoint website.  Click on "Dog Collection" and then look for "Shih Tzu Puppy Cut."

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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Cabin Ark

I thought this "Cabin Ark" pillow was very cleverly stitched. We are always looking for ideas for stitching animals, aren't we?

Sorry, the designer isn't credited.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Speaking of Belts

Speaking of belts, Ridgewood Needlepoint just helped a customer design the International Flag Belt.

I have to admit I'd never heard of The Needlepoint Belt Book but it looks very interesting and useful for those who love designing their own belts.

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One Off Needlework talks about how they "stretch" canvases sent to them for finishing. (We call it blocking.)  Personally I think stitch tension has a lot to do with whether a piece done all in basketweave needs blocking, whether it was worked on a frame or not.  However, it's my impression that British needlepointers rarely use a frame, so that may be involved here, too.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ten Tips to Improve Stitch Tension

Needlepoint for Fun has posted ten tips to improve your stitch tension on their website.

The online shop puts lots of fun information into their newsletter so make sure you sign up.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

In Case You Thought a Teacher's Life Was Easy UPDATED

I'm reposting this with updates as it is such an important topic.

Cross your fingers for Debbie!

UPDATE:  Orna Willis goes through the same thing.

MORE UPDATES:  In case you wondered why thread companies find it so hard to fill orders, here is some insight.

We are used to a world in which things are mass produced, not a world in which things are made in small batches by artisans.    If you look at your current needlepoint project and imagine all the work that went into producing the materials you are using, well, you can see why teachers (and shops and stitchers) sometimes feel frustrated.  We are very lucky to be living when we do when so much is available but it is not a perfect world with everything you wish for at your fingertips.

Maybe in my next lifetime....

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Kirsten Takes Up Needlepoint

Go! Go! Go!  After all, this **is** supposed to be fun!

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From Boring to Unique

One of the customers at Ridgewood Needlepoint wanted to make this rather plain belt more interesting to stitch.

Yes, she's a GENIUS!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Bowdoin Belt Boys UPDATED

Thanks to Palma, I have an interesting profile of Smathers and Branson's needlepoint belt business for you to enjoy.  I had no idea of their connection to The Point of It All in D.C., or that this was a company based in Maryland.

There's an interview with the founders on Bloomberg at the end of this profile of three preppy companies.

In case you aren't familiar with Smathers and Branson's pre stitched belts, fobs, and more, here is their website.

UPDATE:  They are in the Washington Post now. By the way, it'll cost around $300 (painted canvas, threads, finishing) to stitch a belt yourself and have it finished.  This doesn't take into account your stitching time, of course.  People on Facebook say the Smathers and Branson belts are thin and not done in basketweave so they won't last the way a needlepointed belt made from scratch by a stitcher will.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I just spotted this obituary on Facebook for Mr. Lynn Insko,  well known as a superb needlepoint belt finisher.  I thought he was the founder of Hill Top Leather which carries own under the leadership of Glynn Broner but I was wrong.  Mr. Insko had his own business which Hill Top Leather took over.  See Glynn's comment below.  Sorry for the misunderstanding!

UPDATE:  Just to clarify, the founder of Hill Top Leather Shop is not deceased. The owner and founder of Hill Top Leather Shop is Glynn Broner. Mr. Lynn Insko is the deceased and had his own business finishing needlepoint belts for 30+ years. Mr. Insko contacted Glynn in the spring of 2014 about taking over his needlepoint business as he wished to retire. Mr. Insko was a great mentor, teacher, and friend of Glynn and Hill Top Leather Shop took over Mr. Insko's business completely in June of 2014. Mr. Insko was a wonderful gentleman and a fine teacher. We will be forever grateful for his generosity in allowing us to continue his work and for the opportunity to know him for the brief period of time that we were given.

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Mrs. Mellon's Pillow

The Point of It All talks about Bunny Mellon's estate sale and the pillow that was a big hit on their blog.

You can get a better glimpse of Bunny's pillow here, plus an idea of her personal style.

She and Mr. Mellon were very very popular in this area. Oak Spring Farm is perhaps an hour's drive over the mountain from Chilly Hollow, so many of the folks who did work for them live in this area. They all loved the Mellons who were very good to their employees, something of a rarity among the very rich in that area. Judged according to the pillow's rule, they were Somebody Indeed. 

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Custom Needlepoint

Nimble Needle shows off the custom painted needlepoint canvases they've arranged recently for customers.

Besides Leigh Designs' church on a swan pond, I think the Peeps box is from Gail Hendrix/Squiggee.  You can see more of their custom work on their respective websites.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Stitching Song

Thanks to Inspired Needle Ltd. posting the link on Facebook, I have a song for you based on Disney's "Happy Working Song" from Enchanted.   It's a fun way to start the week!

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Floss Cards From Orna

Everyone needs floss organization and Orna's designed some nice cards with not only space for the thread brand and color, but for the design they belong to.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

In Case You Thought a Shop Owner's Life Was Easy

Mary Agnes of Needle Nicely talks about Florida shops and hurricanes.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Orna Has A Mission in Life

My personal mission is to spread needlepoint, whether modern or traditional, all over the world.  But to each his/her own!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

The Renegade Needlepointer

Past Times Needlepoint in Texas has a new blog.  Mary Ann also has cows, mules, dogs, an emu and of course lots of needlepoint stockings.

I can't wait to see what happens next.  Those Texas stitchers are a fun bunch!

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Gay Ann Rogers Fights Shingles with a Needle and Canvas UPDATED

Gay Ann Rogers is raising awareness of the shingles vaccine in the best way possible for stitchers--a shingles ornament.

Singles is a nasty disease.  I've seen it three times among my family and if you can get the shingles vaccine, do so.  Even if you don't dodge the disease itself, the shot will help you dodge the after effects.

UPDATE:  This is what Brenda's version looks like.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sick With Envy, That's Me

Susan goes to the flea market.

I go to the flea market and find nothing.  Susan goes anywhere and strikes gold.  It's a gift!  Sigh.

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Anny's Day

Anny is participating in a artists exhibition in England later this year and as part of the preparation, they are doing a Day in the Life sort of report.  Her life is much like ours, at least those of us who are also obsessed with needlepoint.

Here's a bit about Ann Pawley herself.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Needlepoint Land, Available for Browsing UPDATED

Erin of Needlepoint Land has been open long enough in to tackle having a website, too. It's open and available for a fun browse this morning!

The shop is in Stuart, Florida--just in case a virtual visit isn't enough and you happen to be in the area.

UPDATE:  Silly me!  I just realized that NP.Land has a blog!  It's full of eye candy, too.  Go to the bottom of the page and click on Blog or click here.

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Gay Ann Rogers Has a Sale UPDATED

Tomorrow Gay Ann Roger's annual chart sale will begin. Here's a hint as to what will be available.

This sale will be smaller than in year's past as Gay Ann was ill over the summer.  She's all better now but getting ready for a big chart sale when you're not feeling 100% means this will be mostly small heart ornaments only.  Still, it will be fun and something special is promised for Saturday's offerings. To get an idea of what Gay Ann's hearts look like and get a preview of what's going to be sold, go to her website.

UPDATE:  A direct link to the hearts and the crown ornament.  Warning: You will be tempted by all the feminine lovelies here!

UPDATE #2:  With the sale over, the images are gone but here is Brenda's Imperial Rubies Heart.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Notecards from Judy Soulitis UPDATED

The late Judy Soulitis' family is using the Stitching Destashing blog to sell Judy's stock of notecards based on her designs. I thought fans of silk and metal embroidery, not to mention Judy's fan club, would like to know about this opportunity to treasure a tiny bit of Judy's work.

UPDATE:  Pat, who runs the Stitching Destashing blog, tells me she'll be putting a select few of Judy's smaller kits up for sale on eBay shortly.  Watch for eBay seller needleartnut.

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Destination Dallas Holiday Poppers

Kreinik filmed a short video of Threedles' new Holiday Poppers which use lots of Kreinik's metallic threads for holiday sparkle.

The Holiday Poppers chart came out last summer.

I believe the amazing finishing was done by Sue Parsons of West Coast Finishing.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Using Pastels for Shading (BeStitched's Video Tips)

Needlepoint Flix, the video instructional arm of BeStitched, has released a new complimentary video on how to use pastel pencils to shade a canvas when you can't get the right color of thread.

It's something fun and different to try, particularly when getting the right shade to match a canvas seems impossible.  It's also a good introduction to Needlepoint Flix in case you want to subscribe to this wonderful service.  Here's more about how it all works. Right now there are nine complimentary videos so you can see what you are getting for the money.

By the way, here are Pan Pastels.

Here are Masters Touch pastel pencils.

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Mindy's New Website

Mindy's Needlepoint Factory has a new website!  Click on "Shop Online" to browse Mindy's wonderful canvases, look at the trim she carries in her shop, or shop clothing and jewelry.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Orna's Silk Collections UPDATED

Orna Willis announced her all silk thread collections are on sale in her Etsy shop. That's not the big news, though.  The news is the color combinations Orna's picked.  They are gorgeous!

UPDATE:  More colors!

She is a master of color, so if you are about to embark on a counted canvaswork piece and need help picking colors, just study what Orna has put together.    It's a free color lesson from a woman who understands color like she understands breathing.

Here is her web store, in case you want to buy.  Personally I only want about all of them!

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The Secrets of DMC's Floss Skein

Mary Corbet deconstructs DMC's cotton floss skeins, explaining how to pull a lose thread from the skein without knotting.

Sadly, other brands of cotton floss probably don't work this way but it's a neat explanation and useful information.  Thanks, Mary!

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The K's Creations Stow-Away Floor Stand (A Review)

Carmen at Knitweave has a new K's floor stand and reviews it here with lots of photographs. She bought the Stow-Away Floor Stand, which is perfect for her needs.

Here is her stand on the K's website.

The shipping problems were due to her living in Canada but as many needlepointers don't live in the U.S., I would love for our companies to take better care of people who don't live in the Lower 48.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Look! Dye Lots!

Mary Agnes just realized that DMC is now putting dye lot numbers on their labels, not just on a box of one color batch of threads sent to a shop.   I don't know when this happened, but it may come in handy for those who need several skeins of one color of DMC's products.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Taking Susan Portra and Running With It

Lorraine at Colour Complements is always looking for fun things to stitch with her line of hand dyed threads. This time her inspiration was an article by Susan Portra in Needlepoint Now magazine.

If Lorraine can mess around with a pattern, so can you.  Try this with your leftover bits of thread and canvas and enjoy seeing what you and Susan Porta can come up with!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Anna's Inspirations

The British tapestry designer Anna Pearson talks about the inspirations travel gives her pillow designs.  Since we just heard about Arlene Cohen's inspiration for her red and white pincushion design, I thought you'd like to hear more on this topic.

Anna's kits can be purchased here.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Personal Favorites from Destination Dallas

"View of St. Andrews" by Otto Agular/Purple Palm

Let me show you my personal favorites from Destination Dallas. First up is this piece from Otto Agular, the new artist represented by Purple Palm Designs.  There are quite a few new pieces from him available to stitch but this one really caught my eye.  You can see all of them on Purple Palm Designs' Facebook page.

Mary Lake-Thompson's Witch on a Bike

I also like the new Mary Lake-Thompson witch on her bicycle with her streaming red hair and the hissing cat in the tote bag up front.  Even the smiling pumpkin riding the rear makes me smile.  Melissa Shirley Designs posted information about this new design from their MLT line on Facebook.

Mary Tussey's "Drink Up Witches!"

What Halloween decor wouldn't be livened up by Mary Tussey's latest?  Giggles are guaranteed!

Elizabeth Turner Collection's Rabbit Portrait

Elizabeth Turner Collection has added a rabbit to their animal portrait line.  It's a real honey, too!

Liz Hess Painting, Distributed by Barbara Russell

Barbara Russell has adapted this wonderful Liz Hess painting to needlepoint canvas.

Elizabeth Turner Collection

I really like this spooky still life from Elizabeth Turner Collection.

Melissa Prince's Robin Wreath

The bird wreath from Melissa Prince Design is lovely.

Share One's Ideas Rabbit Wreath

Wreaths must be in these days.  I really like the bunny wreath from Share One's Ideas, too.

Sharon Hendy-Moman's "Breeze Caught Kimono"

I'm a sucker for Asian themes on needlepoint canvas so I really liked Ruth Schmuff's latest artist, Sharon Hendy-Moman.  I particularly like her "The Breeze Caught My Kimono" which you see above.

A Prancing Pink Poodle form Pajamas and Chocolate

Patt of Pajamas and Chocolate tickled my funny bone with this Pink Poodle with Attitude.  LOL

Mindy's "Art Nouveau Tile"

I have always loved Mindy's designs.  Her new "Art Nouveau Tile" design is an instant classic.

Mary Engelbreit's "This Is The Life"

Painted Pony Designs has bought the rights to reproduce some of Mary Engelbreit's designs on needlepoint canvas.  It's hard to pick a favorite but "This Is The Life" is really fun and has the bonus of looking like me when I was ten.

Kimberly's "Little Dancer"
Kimberly Smith has quite a few new canvases out, and once again it is hard to pick a favorite.   I finally settled on the bird and flower piece above but it was a hard choice!

Patti Mann Does Wizard of Oz AND The Mummy

Choosing from Patti Mann's newest was so hard I gave up and picked two ornaments!

So what were YOUR favorites?

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Monday, October 5, 2015

A Pincushion Homage (Arlene Cohen)

Arlene's Pincushion and Ribbons

Recently Arlene and I realized she'd never shared her red and white pincushion with Blog.  She exhibited this at the 2013 ANG Seminar and won two major ribbons for it, too.    This is an original design, worked in sections on linen and assembled according to the plan Arlene worked out for it.

Arlene wrote this about the photographs she sent me:

"What a thrill that a long awaited book has finally been published!  In 2011, an extraordinary exhibit of 651 red and white quilts, all collected by Mrs. Joanna Rose, was on display in the Park Avenue Armory in New York City for six days.  It is an amazing collection and was an amazing display of it and I was so very fortunate to be able to see it in person.

We needleworkers find our inspiration in all sorts of places – sometimes in the beauty of a design created by others and sometimes in the stunning display of work in another (but related) medium.  Attending that exhibit and the ability to allow it to “live on” with me through an iPad app at the time, I evolved into the planning and creation of a needlework piece.  

Sadly, the iPad app stopped working a few IOS upgrades ago and it is no longer even available in the App store. But, lucky for us, the book of all the quilts, with some wonderful accompanying essays, has finally been published!  Getting it in my hands has encouraged me to share a bit about my pincushion project all over again.  I entered this in the 2013 ANG Exhibit in Anaheim and was thrill when it won both a first place ribbon (for Adapation, Non-Professional) and the Small Masterpiece ribbon that year."

I found a series of photographs of the quilts that inspired the pincushion on display here.

Here is the book Arlene refers to.

Here's Arlene's Artist Statement that she wrote for the ANG Exhibit.

A Pincushion Homage to
Infinite Variety:  Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts

In March of 2011, I walked into the Park Avenue Armory in New York City, lookedp and all around, and was simply amazed.  Six hundred and fifty-one red and white quilts collected by Joanna S. Rose were on display in the most creative and stunning quilt exhibit that I have ever seen.  Along with the thousands of other visitors who poured into the Armory during those five days the display was up, I was simply enthralled.

Even while still there, I knew that I wanted to find a way, in my own needlework, to relive and reinterpret the experience.  In the days that followed, I was able to revisit each quilt individually since the organizers had created an iPad app for all to download and enjoy.  Yes, it was such a unique experience to have witnessed the display, but I also recognized the beauty of each individual piece, be it humble or dazzling.

I was not alone in my reaction and response to this truly extraordinary exhibit.    In the two years since, I have read about a number of quilt guilds that were inspired by this show and created their own red and white quilt challenges.  I am not really a quilter.  How then might I create a way to pay homage to this quilt exhibit using needle and thread?  I began to make sketches in a graph-paper notebook, breaking down many of the quilt designs to penciled-in squares. What to do with these graphed designs?  I imagined something simple, in keeping with the spirit of the collector and most likely the quilt makers themselves.  Mrs. Rose found most of these quilts in flea markets decades ago. As written in the exhibit’s materials, these quilts “are not prizewinners at fairs nor ones that have been passed down in families, cherished by several generations.  They are, rather, ordinary coverings, the creators largely anonymous, their provenance obscure, not meant for company beds or best use.”

In my needlework, I enjoy working on a small scale.  And so I chose the humble pincushion as the means to gather and recreate some of my favorite geometric designs from the quilts in the Armory display.  A small sampling from that magnificent exhibit, it is my homage both to the quilts and to their makers.

In the design process, I began by looking carefully at all 651 quilts on that iPad app, spending hours studying the entire collection and making a list of those that caught my eye both for the inherent beauty of their design and their geometric qualities. I narrowed my list to about fifty quilts, took screenshots of them, and printed them on paper.  This allowed me to see them all at the same time, with papers spread all around me in an array. 

Somewhere in my research on pincushions, I happened upon a hexagon shaped design, familiar to me as a quilt pattern often called Grandmothers Flower Garden, and the vision of the three-dimensional end product began to take shape.  I began to draw quilt designs on graph paper, some lending themselves to the hexagon shapes for the top of the pincushion and some better left for the rectangular sides.  I graphed many more than I knew I could use, although did not graph all fifty that were printed.

Finding the right thread was its own challenge.  The precise shade of red and the requisite fineness for the 32 count linen fabric were my guiding principles.  After some trial and error, I settled on a Gutermann silk thread.  I started with the hexagons on top using mostly cross stitches, anxious for the vision in my head to come to life on fabric.  However, even as I stitched, I knew it just didn’t look right:  I was stitching the hexagons right next to one another.  As at the Armory display, the layout of the individual pieces was critical – it might enhance or, in this case, detract from the overall effect.

Wisely, I set this pincushion project aside for several months.  The graphed designs held my imagination, but it would take some time before I could commit my mind and my fingers to taking up that red thread again and starting over from the beginning.

But, commit my mind and my fingers I did.  Spreading out the hexagons made all the difference for visual breathing room on the top.  I then realized that the diamond shaped areas in each “corner” of the hexagon needed attention.  There was already enough variety in the hexagons on the top and so I chose to stitch a simple skipped cross stitch to fill each diamond. When I began stitching the rectangles for the sides of the pincushion, I realized the size I had planned was just wrong.  If I stitched them as I originally intended, the height of the pincushion would be out of scale to the width.  At this point, I decided to make a three-dimensional paper mock-up of the finished product. The graphs of the rectangular sides show how my thinking evolved.

I knew how I wanted all these pieces to come together, but I struggled to make the finishing of my little pincushion precise and crisp. Then again, a pincushion is supposed to be a functional item and sometimes function and beauty can go hand in hand in less than precise ways.

To this day, I am intrigued and fascinated by the magnificent exhibit that inspired me to create this piece.  From time to time, I search on the internet to see if the vague plans for a future mounting of the exhibit or a forthcoming book have come to fruition.  The answer for now is not yet.

My pincushion is my homage to Mrs. Rose’s collection of red and white quilts and the extraordinary exhibit of them.

Thanks for sharing, Arlene!

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Custom "Starry Nights"

Lorraine at Colour Complements has come up with a custom autumn color set for Laura Perin's "Starry Nights" chart. It's a stunner, particularly if you love harvest colors of greens, golds, reds, oranges and touches of blue and pink.

The threads are Lorraine's own so you'll have to get the chart from Laura, but that's easy to do.  Just head to her website.

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200 Different Thread Colors

Sometimes when I am working on a stitch guide I look at the 30-40 different items I've used and think I have gone a bit overboard. Turns out I am a serious beginner when it comes to using a lot of different threads! Mary Corbet is about to start a project that uses 200 different flosses.  Yep, I'm a rank amateur!

The way she plans to organize her threads looks very logical, although expensive.  But if you do a lot of this kind of thing, you'll definitely want to look into Annie's Keepers.

By the way, Traditional Stitches is a great online shop if you are Canadian and Nordic Needle is amazing if you are in the United States.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ruth Drops a Large Hint

Ruth Schmuff drops a large hint as to the canvas for her Fall Mystery class in 2016.

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Traveling with Needlework

Nupur of the Song of My Needle blog shows how she travels with her needlework.  It's really quite compact and clever!

I think the travel tube is meant for blueprints.  I found very similar ones here, some of which telescope to hold larger/smaller items.

Wherever you go, happy trails!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Breaking News: Christine's Osterville Needlepoint Has Been Sold

Posted on Facebook today:

Dear Fellow Needlepointers,
With mixed emotions, after 29 + years, I have sold my retail store to Joyce Gresh, one of our customers. I have so enjoyed meeting and working with you all through the years. My love of needlepoint continues to this day. It has been a true pleasure starting the store in 1986 and watching it grow - adding new fibers and designers over the years and moving to our current location.

Joyce will be using our original name "Osterville Needlepoint Shop" so continue to visit when you are on the Cape. Vicki and Barbara are still there to assist you.

I am going to devote more time to my husband, needlepointing, and my wholesale business "CBK Needlepoint Collections". The wholesale operation has moved from the loft area to the lower level so feel free to visit (follow the blue handrail in the back of the building).

Thank you for all of your years of support and I wish you all the best.
Christine Kesten

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Mary Agnes Goes to Dallas

I posted this under the Destination Dallas tab but Mary Agnes' report on her trip to Dallas was so much fun that I didn't want anyone to miss it.

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A One of a Kind Shop Decoration

I think you'd enjoy Mary Agnes' tale of a custom needlepoint design's travels.

Wonder what will happen to our needlepoint over the coming years?

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Destination Dallas 2015

Destination Dallas is a non-TNNA trade show held each year in Dallas, Texas.

With all the new items coming out to be released in January, I am no longer going to update this tab.  See "TNNA Winter 2016 San Diego" instead for the latest.


Rogue Needlepoint has a new series of Veterans Day magnets.  Very cute!

>Zecca posted a new design on Facebook.

Tapestry Fair shows off one of the new designs from artist Kelly Rae Roberts that will debut in January's trade show in San Diego.

Accoutrement Designs has new red, white and blue donkey and elephant canvases for the Democrat or Republican stitcher.

Alert!  The Paper Russell dog canvases are going out of production.  If you want one, contact Nimble Needle in Georgia.

Painted Pony Designs just posted a fun new dog canvas called "Temptation Dog" from Diane Ulmer Pederson on Facebook.

Fleur de Paris is showing a Thanksgiving table canvas on Facebook.  I think this might be from Sandra Gilmore....

Raymond Crawford is designing a sleigh canvas.  Here's a hint--with an elf!

Do you love a mystery?  Leigh Designs' November e-newsletter reveals her November Surprise designs will be unveiled soon and shows off a hint of the new line for January.

NeedlePaint has new custom needlepoint wallets. You can have them stitched for you or stitch them yourself.

Tisha at Needlepoint Tool Time has the new Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee alarm clock sets. You can buy the kit or just the clock and use a four inch round canvas from you stash, although Tisha says you will need to leave a four by four mesh section in the middle of the design unstitched to place the clock hands.  Select a kit design from the pull down menu on the Clock Kit page to see all the available patterns for the clock face.

Neenah Stone Needlepoint Designs just posted two new designs on her Facebook page. They are inspired by Emerging Soul Cards.

Kimberly Ann Needlepoint's new website shows off her Christmas sign collection.

Laurel Wheeler Designs has added to their line of floral collages.

Here's a new classic from JP Needlepoint--a still life that is gorgeous!

FlooredByArt's Etsy store has a series of new geometric shapes designs for your shopping pleasure.

Lucinda Gregory Rice has a series of new leaf designs, perfect for travel when you want fall themed pieces.

Raymond Crawford has a new Rudolph the Reindeer round ornament.

Bristly Thistle shows off the four Elizabeth Turner "Holiday Door "canvases on their blog.

Quail Run has posted a charming Christmas design showing vehicles with Christmas trees on their Facebook page, saying it is new from Dallas.  They don't say who the designer is but I am guessing it is from their Quail Run Designs canvases.

3 Kittens Needle Arts has added three new Melissa Prince exclusive ornaments to their set of Minnesota state symbol designs.

Ridgewood Needlepoint just announced a new canvas (designer unknown) showing the inside of a garden shed which will be available for pre-order at a nice discount.

Barbara Russell just announced in January this Liz Hess watercolor will be released on NP canvas by Barbara.

EyeCandy's "Summer Humbug" chart is now available to the shops!  It's the perfect antidote to winter.

Thistle Threads has announced a new smaller and more affordable casket style and their Frostings Club of fancy one off threads is also ready for shipping.

MaryMac, the ribbon belt finisher, has a new website that showcases the lovely plain or fancy buckles and customizable (monograms!) styles of their belt finishing with high quality ribbons.  If you want something a little more feminine--that will allow you to let out that belt at the Thanksgiving family dinner!--check it out here.  Plus, Karen can remake an older leather belt into a ribbon belt if you want a change.

The Exclamation Point has posted a photo of the new Octopus Snips, little scissors hidden in a octopus' arms.

Treglown Designs has a wonderful website to explore their goodies.

Ruth Schmuff just posted 6 new Lulu My Pink Turtle canvases on her blog.

CBK has posted photos of their new magnets based on designer canvases.

Melissa Shirley just previewed two new designers she'll be distributing starting January 2016 on Facebook.  This is Emma Williams' "Passion Flowers."

This is Anne O'Brien Gonzale's "Patio Table."

Raymond Crawford Designs has a new Rudolph canvas.

Here's one last new Mary Engelbreit canvas, posted on Painted Pony Designs' Facebook page.

Needleworks in Birmingham, Alabama updated their Facebook page with a series of Halloween sign ornaments.  I don't know if these are a club or just ornaments exclusive to the shop but Halloween stitchers will want to check them out.  Designer(s) unknown.

Yarns of Wilmington posted a photo of their exclusive seagull canvas from Scott Church/CBK on Facebook.

In Stitches posted two new bird canvases from Ellen Giggenbach/Ruth Schmuff on Facebook.

Robbyn's Nest has a new line of patchwork pumpkins and chickens.  Lots of photos are on their Facebook page.

Joy Juarez just posted her latest needlepoint design, "Grandma's Kiss," on Facebook.  Fleur de Paris distributes her work.

Mike Stafford's Etsy store is restocked with his hand turned needle cases.  These sell out fast so if you want one, don't wait.

Jenny Henry Designs has new pillow, bracelet and limited edition stitchable porcelain ornaments out now.   You can buy directly from her Etsy store at the second link below.

Fleur de Paris just posted another great Halloween design on Facebook. I think this might be by Sandra Gilmore.

Sally Corey just posted a photo of her latest Paris-themed design on Facebook.

Painted Pony Designs just posted three more new Mary Engelbreit canvases on their Facebook page.

The Princess and Me website has added their new designs.  Go here and wait for the slideshow to load and then play.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off new Christmas designs from Dallas.

Ann Hansen's charming witch ornament has been posted on Facebook by Barbara's Needlepoint.

Elizabeth Turner Collection has a new gingerbread house magnet.  You can see it on Facebook.

Raymond Crawford has added the Holy Family to his new Nativity set.

Painted Pony Designs posted a new Mary Engelbreit design - a boy riding a seahorse - on Facebook.  It's called "Magical Summer."

Mary Tussey Needlepoint Design has a new little red-haired witch ornament.  You can see her photo on Facebook.

Mary has a really cute kid in a dinosaur Halloween costume, too.

Needlepoint For Fun shows off two new canvases from Love You More's Whimsical series.

Fleur de Paris shows off one of their Halloween owl canvases, I think from Sandra Gilmore.

Needle Little More shows off the new Day of the Dead magnets from Rogue Needlepoint.

Melinda McAra's new line of stadium canvases from CBK can be seen here.

Painted Pony Designs shows off three more Mary Engelbreit canvases.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off Halloween-themed canvases and magnets from Dallas.

Planet Earth Fiber just announced five flesh colors in their Pepper Pot Silk line.  Now you can stitch faces using this lovely tapestry style silk.

The Quarter Stitch has posted more of their new Alex Beard designs on their Facebook page in a photo album.

Painted Pony Designs just posted Mary Engelbreit's "Thanksgiving Banner" on Facebook.

Look what Sally Baer of BB Needlepoint Designs designed and stitched for the DJ who provided music for Destination Dallas!

Sally Corey's designs for Julie Mar and Friends are now on the Julie Mar website.

Painted Pony Designs added two new Mary Engelbright Santa designs to their Facebook page.  One has a background and one doesn't.

Stitches in Time added a series of Heidi Halloween canvases to their Facebook page.  This is a designer whose work is wonderful but that isn't seen online much.

Fleur de Paris has added a new Halloween owl to their Facebook page.  It might be from Sandra Gilmore, but they don't say.

Amanda Lawford's website has just been updated.  There is no New stand alone page here, but if you click on each major category, the latest things are on top and labeled as new if anything has been added.

Natalia Frank just posted a new miniature footstool design on her website.  This is available as a kit or she will pre-stitch and assemble it for the purchaser.

Needlepoint Designs by Laura Wheeler has new whimsical animal designs for your stitching pleasure.

If you like River Silks' silk ribbons but want more color choices, Vicki Day Designs uses white River Silks ribbons to hand dye all sorts of amazing colors.

Painted Pony Designs posted three photos of new Mary Engelbreit canvases on Facebook.

Kate Dickerson posted three photos of their new Lily gator cuffs, which coordinate with their gator belts.

Needlework Retailer shows off Liz's "Turkeys," available from Susan Roberts.

Ridgewood Needlepoint us selling Grinch ornament thread kits now, as well as the canvas and a Grinch magnet.

Janet Granger shows off more new pole screen and fire screen designs.  These are miniatures, on 32 count silk gauze, and the kits come with the wooden or metal hardware.  I think the pair of owls designs are the cutest ever!

Vicky DeAngelis shows off lots of new thread lines and colors from Dallas.

Painted Pony Designs posts another new Mary Engelbreit canvas on Facebook.

The Quarter Stitch is posting more photos of their new line of canvases from Alex Beard on Facebook. Join them Saturday for the official opening.

Barbara's just posted a new Halloween design from their painter Cindy on their Facebook page.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off several new Ewe and Eye canvases from Dallas.

Nenah Stone Designs posted a photograph of Todd Winter's Texas-themed design they will be reproducing on needlepoint canvas on Facebook.

Needleworks posted three photos of new canvases up on the shop walls on their Facebook page.  Use the side arrows to see it all.

Painted Pony Designs posted three cat and dog canvases from Mary Engelbreit on their Facebook page. Use the side arrows to see them all.

Quail Run posts a new Yorkies canvas from Dallas on Facebook.

& More has added S.E. Hagarman to their stable of artists.

Needlepoint Land has posted their brand new designs from Dallas on a special section of their websiite.

Rogue Needlepoint has gone all zombie on us with a new magnet and small ornament.

Robin King shows off the Merry L. Needlework Accessories wooden laying tool with a magnetic attachment.  These aren't on their website (second link below) yet.

Needle Retailer says the Puffin and Company Witch Hat Needle Nanny is a seasonal item only and the second in the series.

JP Needlepoint shows off two models from Destination Dallas on their Facebook page.  The peacock will knock your socks off!

Here's another great Labors of Love snowman.

Ridgewood Needlepoint shows off more new canvases on their blog.

Painted Pony posted a photo on Facebook of their Mary Engelbreit wizard canvas with the full background.  This is also available with just the Santa figure.

Pocket Full of Stitches has a new darling Halloween canvas from Alice Peterson.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off new canvases from Laurel Burch/Danji.

The Stitching Studio shows off their newest canvases from Dallas.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off new needle magnets (from Accoutrement Designs and Elizabeth Turner Collection) and threads from Gloriana and Rainbow Gallery that have just arrived.

More Halloween-theme needle magnets from Accoutrement Designs.

The quilt-inspired designs from BeStillByBarb are now available on Barb Pulta's Etsy store.

The Quarter Stitch shows off a new needlepoint canvas using the art of Alex Beard. I think his work is exclusive to the shop.  Alligator, anyone?  The second link below is his "Candy Fish."

A few more fun new things posted by Pocket Full of Stitches.

Susan Brattle Designs shows off her latest pillow design on The Point of It All shop website.

Ruth Schmuff has updated her Tis the Season website with the new beads (small 3mm pearls and tila shaped beads) she is distributing.

Quail Run shops off Little Bird Design's new needlepoint necklace.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off more new canvases on their blog.

The 0ctober 2015 newsletter from Leigh Designs is all about Destination Dallas, from fun photos of the attendees to new products to the best places to eat.

Painted Pony Designs has added another new Mary Engelbreit canvas to Facebook, a bee hive with bee.

Ridgewood Needlepoint also posts new canvases in the shop.

Pocket Full of Stitches posts lots of canvases, new and old, on their blog.

Painted Pony Designs posted another Mary Engelbreit canvas on their Facebook page.

Enriched Stitch shows off a bit from Destination Dallas and more is promised.

Ridgewood Needlepoint shows off the contents of the Planet Earth Fiber ribbon project. This is the one of the cardinal which you can see stitched on Facebook (second link below).

Homestead Needle Arts' latest newsletter talks about all the new things from market, especially threads.

Painted Pony Designs shows off the autumn collage design from Mary Engelbreit.

Ridgewood shows off new colors of Silk & Ivory's cousin Stardust, the Brown Paper Packages silk/wool blend that has a metallic thread woven in.

Silver Needle has a new licensed design of Paddington Bear.  Love his hat and fall coat!

Needle Nicely went on a magnet-buying binge in Dallas.  Anyone need one of these beauties?

Needle in a Haystack posted four photos of new canvases on their Facebook page.

JP Needlepoint has added a photo to their Facebook page of one of Devon Nicholson's newest designs, "Fantasy Butterfly Square."

The Needle Works has updated their website with their purchases in Dallas. is having their annual retreat in Asheville, NC.  This ornament to commemorate the town will be available next week after the retreat is over.

Pocket Full of Stitches bought a lot at Dallas!  They post even more on their blog today.

Painted Pony Designs posted another new Mary Engelbreit design-the classic "Love."

Liz Morrow announced she is recharting Jim Williams Alphabet Flowers.

Cute kittens by Robbyn's Nest.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont has updated their website with their haul from Dallas.!New-Things-in-the-Store/o6dgx/560c49cc0cf2a7bb74bff02a

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont updated their Facebook page with even more photographs.

Pocket Full of Stitches posts more goodies from Dallas.

Rogue Needlepoint shows off their new Trick or Treat Halloween magnets.

Mary Tussey shows off her newest Halloween design on Facebook.

This is the same canvas on Mary's Etsy store for those who don't have a FB account.

Victori-Anne shows off two pages of Raymond Crawford magnets on Facebook.

The Nimble Needle in Atlanta shows off Shelly Tribbey's cute tiny owl.

Amy's Golden Strand has lots of new canvases on two pages of their website now.

Amy's e-newsletter also has new canvases and new products listed.

Moore Than Needlepoint shows off a fabulous snowman from Labors of Love.

Ridgewood shows off many new things from Dallas.

Janet Granger announced two new fire screen/pole kits for your miniature fireplace in four seasonal floral designs.

Pocket Full of Stitches posts more Destination Dallas finds.

Needle Nicely goes to market! (and remembers to come home safe)

Chandail Needlework has updated their website with new designs they picked up in Dallas. Watch the slide show, then click on "See More Photos."

Sally Corey Designs shows off two more design exclusives for Art Needlepoint.

Painted Pony has posted another Mary Engelbreit charmer on Facebook--"Two Girls Tubing."

Associated Talents has added photos of their some of their patterned "mice" pieces to Facebook.

The Needle Bug has added more photos to their FB album of their finds at Destination Dallas.

Alice Peterson has a Mr. Pilgrim Turkey canvas (pictured) and a Mrs., too.

The Needle Bug added 40 more photos to their Facebook page.  I think they might have overspent their budget!  (Check out the seriously expressive dog portraits.)

The Artists Collection posted three new designs from SG Designs on their FB page. Love Mama Giraffe!

Raymond Crawford has updated his website with the new Fall 2015 items. posted five photographs of Kathy Schenkel's display in Dallas on FB.

Jermies Needlepoint has posted more Dallas photos to their Facebook album.

One more Southwestern design from Sundance-

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off a display of Pippin canvases on FB.

The Needlepointer just updated their Facebook page with new photos from Dallas, many from Unique New Zealand.

Painted Pony just posted another Mary Engelbreit design "Fitting Hat Witch" on Facebook. shows off a series of photos of Plant Earth Fiber's designs including their ribbons in the kit on Facebook.

Victori-Anne's Treasures has updated their Facebook page with more goodies the shop is picking up in Dallas.

Here's The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection's hotel room in Dallas.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off more purchases from Dallas.  Don't miss the Patti Mann ornaments, which range from a darling Wizard of Oz ornament to a whole range of Halloween ornaments.

Burnett and Bradley (the new name for A Collection of Designs which has been purchased by the Kirk and Bradley conglomerate) has a new cat mini sock.

Cathy posted two Native American Indian owl canvases on Facebook. These are both from Alice Peterson Designs.

Mindy's updated her website with her newest designs.

The Needle Bug posted 30 photos of goodies in Dallas on their Facebook page.

Sundance Designs posted two new photos of Southwestern canvases from Gale Tuoti on Facebook.

Louise's Needlework has posted photos of finished models.  I think they saw these in Dallas but they don't say.

Jeremies Needlepoint and Linens posted two photos on Facebook of the goodies they bought at Dallas.

Pocket Full of Stitches posts photos of their favorites from Day Two of Destination Dallas on their blog.

A. Bradley offers three Halloween-themed "cocktail" designs which you can pick up from Chris Lewis, A. Bradley's distributor.

Kirk and Bradley posted a photo of a wall of their travel round ornaments in Dallas.

Leigh Designs' website has gone live with her new Halloween series--Haunted Hill. posted four photographs of Kate Dickerson designs and models on Facebook.

The shop also posted two photos of The Point of It All Designs early 1960s ornament models.

The Point of It All Shop posted more photos of goodies they are taking home on Facebook.

Vicky DeAngelis shows us a few of the folks at Destination Dallas.

Amy Bunger is starting to add new canvases to her website.

Red Rooster Stitchery announced their new two piece Nativity set, adapted from the art of James Christensen.

Nenah Stone Designs has posted a photo of their hotel window display.  Fun!

Victori-Anne's Treasures has posted a photo album on their FB page with treasures found in Dallas.

Patt of Pajamas and Chocolate stitched a fabulous pink poodle and posted a photo on FB.

Robin King posted a new Amanda Lawford crown design on Facebook.

Sew Much Fun posted three photos on FB of their new Christmas tree designs.

Robin King posted photos of Cheryl Schaeffer's/Annie Lee's new cake stands, with room for your canvas on top, protected by an acrylic cover.

Needle Deeva posted two photos of new ladies on Facebook. Use the right arrow to see the second lady.

Amy's Golden Strand is posting to a new FB photo album called "Destination Dallas Market Day 2" from the various hotel rooms.

Elizabeth Turner Collection posted more fabulous magnets to hold your needles.  I love the slinky big cat--it's very Duchess of Windsor!

Two new Sandra Gilmore "room" designs.

Cynthia Thomas posted two photos on Facebook, showing the Viola's snaplets bracelets and Gloriana's new Kashmir thread, available in fur colors.

Shari shows off a gorgeous finished Stitchalicious succot!

The Labors of Love hotel suite window, showing off their huge Halloween figures.

Pajamas and Chocolate (that's the hand painted line from Patt and Lee) shows off their new poinsettia design with the wooden frame card holder made to coordinate with it.

The Artists Collection shows off their hotel room window with hints of the goodies inside.

Robbyn's Nest has updated their FB page with lots of photos of canvases with matching frames.

Enriched Stitch shows off the newest editions to Melissa Prince's movie coaster line.

Meredith of Elizabeth Turner Collection posted two photos of the black and white magnet trees now available from ETC on Facebook.  Use "Next" to see the other color.

Ridgewood Needlepoint posted a great many photos of things they liked on their shop blog.

Raymond Crawford Designs posted a video of his Christmas canvases in his hotel room.

Raymond also posted a video taken in his hotel room of his Wizard of Oz, Halloween, space themed canvases and more.

What's the Point? Needlepoint posted 21 photos of things they liked in Dallas.  I like the spooky house magnet from ETC myself.

Scrim Discovery Needlepoint posted photos of their owner and two Labors of Love canvases seen in Dallas.

Here are two photos of Barbara Russell and her hotel room display in Dallas.

The Point of It All Needlepoint Shop has also posted a photo album of things they have picked up at the Dallas show.

The Nimble Needle Atlanta has posted a photo album with a dozen things they saw and liked in Dallas.

Here is Sew Much Fun's Raggedy Ann and Andy 3-d dolls, posted by Louise's Needlework.

Quail Run Needlepoint posted a view of their hotel room window, decorated with their line of canvases.

Painted Pony Designs posted another new Mary Engelbreit canvas, one of her classic overstuffed chairs.

Robin King posted the new colors of silk floss from Gloriana.  So did Louise's Needlework (second link below).

Needle in a Haystack posted a good look at the new Capri thread from Rainbow Gallery.

Emily Hennessey is adding painted canvases to her line of porcupine quill laying tools.  This one's a Halloween trio of owl witches.

Kangaroo Paw Designs is adding more sorority themed canvases to their Facebook photo album.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off what they liked.

The Needle Works shows off all the goodies Colleen has found.

Ruth Schmuff introduces her newest artist, Sharon Hendy-Moman, and her Asian lady canvases.

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont shows some of the new things they are bringing back to the shop from Dallas.!Do-you-want-them/o6dgx/5607edd30cf25fa7fe194e64

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off Needle Deeva and Kristine Kingston's newest.

Amy's Golden Strand is going nuts posting photos from Destination Dallas.  Currently there are 51 photos.  Have fun exploring!

Hannah Bass Contemporary Tapestry has posted two photos of her display at the Thread Festival in Farnham Meltings.  She's not in Dallas, alas, but in England.

Threadaholic Alert!  Randi posted photographs of displays of Twinkle at the Gone Stitching hotel room on Facebook.

Kristine Kingston posted three photos of the Needle Deeva display of her work in their hotel room on Facebook.

The Artists Collection posted two photos on their Facebook page of two of their designers ready for the sock hop theme for the show with new poodle canvases on their poodle skirts.

Rogue Needlepoint has posted a photo of their new emoji round ornaments on Facebook.

Kangaroo Paw Designs has added photos of their new stitch and zip beginner kits (created with Alice Peterson) and new sorority pieces to their Facebook page. There's also a photo of their hotel room window display.

Robin King loves JP Needlepoint's Halloween collage.

Robin also likes Pippin's wooden Doggie Station you stitch a canvas for.

The Needle Works posted photos of dimensional cheesecake slices from Pippin.

Carol Eix Designs posted a photograph of her display at Destination Dallas.  What you see in the window is new snap trays.

Brenda Stofft has updated her website with new designs (bottom of page).

Suzie at Enriched Stitch just posted 11 Nenah Stone Designs photos on Facebook.

Suzie also likes this Halloween themed piece, which I think is from Share One's Ideas, but she does not say.

Painted Pony Designs posted another new Mary Engelbreit canvas on their Faeebook page.

Hilary Jean Designs posted photographs of their hotel room setup for guests to see their newest designs on Facebook.

Here's "Walking the Dog" a brand new printed canvas from Art Needlepoint Company--

The Needle Works reminds folks they don't have to have a Facebook account to keep an eye on their FB account.

Kimberly has posted new designs on her blog.  Scarab and Dreamcatcher are brand new to me!

Melissa Prince Designs has a new look for their website!  Here's the direct link to the newest designs.

Raymond Crawford Designs posted one of the new bells on Facebook. This is Joy.

Ridgewood Needlepoint also has collected a bunch of photos of new designs coming out now.  They will put all the new things on sale for a limited time.

Melissa Shirley Designs has updated their website with the new Fall 2015 designs.

Enriched Stitch has collected quite a few photos posted by various designers on Facebook and published them on their blog, which is really useful for those who don't do FB.

Painted Pony Designs is releasing Mary Engelbreit's "Believe" Santa in Dallas.  Apparently there are two sizes of this, one with background and one Santa only.

DebBee's Designs shows progress on the brand new "Glitz and Glamour: Citrine."

You can see some of Kimberly's new designs on Ruth Schmuff's blog and there is a link to more new treats from Kimberly's fertile brain.

Accoutrement Designs has new Mag Friends for Dallas--gargoyle, raven, and Christmas items.

K1C2 has a new stitcher's wineglass.

Elizabeth Turner Collection is posting photos of new magnets on their Facebook page.  There's a lizard and turkey, elf hat, cow, stocking, violin, stacked pumpkins and owl in a witch's hat.

The Needlepoint Group of TNNA is posting photos of new items from various designers on their Facebook page.  Right now Robbyn's Nest Designs, Zecca, Mary Engelbreit/Painted Pony, Kate Dickenson, Ewe and Eye and Friends, and Melissa Prince have new things there.

Sally Baer of BB Designs has posted two photos of new designs on Facebook.

Ewe and Eye and Friends posted three photos of sampler-inspired canvases on Facebook, all brand new.

Carol Gantz has posted a photo of her new nutcracker mouse canvas, available from Associated Talents at the Destination Dallas show.

Painted Pony Designs just posted their first Mary Engelbreit canvas on Facebook.  Keep an eye on their FB page for a new Mary canvas each day of the Destination Dallas show.

Amanda Lawford posted her latest gingerbread house on Facebook.  The latest DC designs Santa (second link) is also on Facebook.

Kristine Kingston showed off her newest designs, available from Needle Deeva--wool knit cap ornaments and dog silhouette rounds with patterned backgrounds.

Kimberly shows off her new Little Lamb design.  Personally I love her Dragon (second link) and the Swan (third link).

Melissa Prince Designs has posted new movie themed canvases on their Facebook page and new "whirligig" designs on their website.

Hillary Jean Designs has added their new canvases to their website.  They are mixed in with older canvases by Category.  They've also added a photo of their new doggie station to Facebook (second link below).

Kate Dickensen shows off nine new canvases from their newest artist, Jilly Walsh.

Denise DeRusha showed off her new New Orleans piece, available from Maggie/Ewe and Eye at the Dallas show.

Here's Julie Mar's "Cat in a Kettle," ready for Halloween.

Homestead Needle Arts posts about the new things they've heard will be available in Dallas.

Sew Much Fun posted two photos of three new designs on Facebook.

Barbara Russell is showing off new designs on Facebook.  This is an adaptation of a Liz Hess painting.  The second link below is a regal lion.

Fleur de Paris is updating their Facebook page with new Halloween-themed releases from their stable of designers.

Zecca has updated their website with their new designs to be released at Destination Dallas.

Leigh Designs has reworked their website to consolidate all their Halloween designs into one section, with a peek at the new Halloween "Haunted Hill" line for Destination Dallas.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off a Kate Dickensen piece ("Ice Cream Soda" from Kate's Shake, Rattle and Roll series) she will teach at Destination Dallas.

Pajamas and Chocolate has a photo of a new long horned cattle patchwork animal.

Accoutrement Designs shows off its new magnet needle minders.

Raymond Crawford is updating his Facebook page with new Halloween designs.  I like the retro "Pumpkin Forest" myself (although "Pumpkin Boy" makes me smile) but there's something for every style.

Machelle Sommerville has added "Funky Pumpkins" to her Facebook album of new designs for 2015.

Ruth Schmuff shows off her newest designer, Ellen Giggenbach.

Ridgewood shows off their  dimensional"Hanukkah House," designed by Associated Talents.  The stitch guide writer is unknown.

Ehrman's 2015-16 catalogue is out, with new designers (and old favorites) for their traditional wool on 10-12 count kits.  They also have a clip on lamp, the first time they've sold stitching accessories except for frames that I remember.

Trish Burr's ebook and digital versions of her "Traditional Embroidery Color Schemes" is ready for download. I think the threads matched to the colors are DMC cotton flosses.

Natalia's Fine Needlework has a new kit for the "Golden Retriever Miniature Slippers" pair designed by Natalia.

Melissa Shirley Designs shows off her new "Boo" canvas.

Barbara Elmore shows off her stitching on one of the new Sundance "Antler" series.

Susan Brattle Needlepoint shows off one of their 10 count projects. Apparently they have several larger count painted canvases available.

The Thread Gatherer has updated their website and added a new thread, Raffia.  It is silk-based so it is probably similar to Silk Straw.

Julia's Needlework has updated their website with the new September pieces.  The ones whose identifier numbers start with PA are from Peter Ashe.

Rainbow Gallery has a new matte finish thread called Capri, available in 13 and 18 count diameters.

Ruth Schmuff has posted a photograph of new designs in the shop from the various designers she distributes on Facebook.  These are not on her website yet.

Tango and Chocolate has a website now to sell their darling scissors fobs.

Janet Granger shows off a new dollhouse scene on silk gauze.  This will be available as a kit shortly along with several other new designs.

Rogue Needlepoint has a new line of top-quality magnets.

Raymond Crawford has posted three new Wise Men canvases, each with a whimsical camel, on his Facebook page.  Use the left arrow to see them all.

Counted canvaswork fans now can order Laura Perin's "Halloween Wreath" which was part of a counted monthly club from Beth's Needlepoint Nook but that is now available to everyone who loves Halloween.

Kate Dickerson has posted two new Christmas collage pieces on Twitter.

Patt and Lee have three new pieces available in their hand painted Pajamas and Chocolate line.  Here's one of the three--a complex patterned pumpkin.

Laura Wheeler Designs has four new florals posted on Facebook, each a summer flower with a lovely lace-like side border.

Robbyn's Nest Designs has added a lot of new canvases to their Facebook page.

Kate Dickenson has new Pucci inspired pillows and jewelry box-waller inserts.

The Point of It All Designs has three new saddlebag-style purses (with matching cell phone cases) premiering at Destination Dallas.

JP Needlepoint has a new Halloween patchwork piece to be released at Destination Dallas.

Here is another new Otto Agular from Purple Palm Designs.

Needle Deeva has a new portrait of a fashionable lady in a beret.

Raymond Crawford is posting canvases from his Wizard of Oz series on the Raymond Crawford Designs Facebook page.  Start with the backdrop of the Emerald City and use the side arrows to see them all.

Kimberly has new dog collar canvases and a new square she plans to make into a biscornu.

Here are four lovely geometrics from SM Stitches, a designer we don't see much of online.

There are new colors in Gone Stitching's Twinkle thread.

Pepperberry Designs has posted a photo of the first of a series of haunted houses on Facebook.

Annie Lane Designs has posted a new design on Facebook.  Meet "Moonage a Trois."

Kelmscott and Whimsical Edge Designs have new fall-themed scissors, magnets, thread keepers and winders, etc. just released.

Here's another look at Kate Dickensen's new Fishnet Teddy Bear design.  I've posted this before but the first link was on Facebook which a lot of folks don't want to join.

Sally Corey is doing new Paris designs to be published by the Art Needlepoint Company.

Terry Dryden just posted on her blog that she has kits available for her very popular "Safari" design.  You can always get the instructions but the kits are nice as Terry uses such exotic and beautiful threads and other supplies.

Orna Willis just posted photographs of the new colors from Caron.  These appear to be Watercolours, and the pale shades in particular are lovely.  By the way, Orna's stitching a silk gauze piece which is gorgeous!

Elizabeth Turner Collection is adding a lop eared rabbit to their animal portrait collection.  It's a beauty!

Orna Willis has re-released her "Shimmering Jewels" cuff in two new color ways.  This is a counted piece, available as a kit. Having stitched her bracelets myself, I can tell you this will be fun and not too difficult, either.

Julie Poitras of JP Needlepoint just posted a photo of her finished pillow.  This is her own painted canvas "Antique Graphite Leaves and Flowers."

The Needle Touch (primarily a XS designer) plans a needlepoint book called "Modern Needlepoint:  A Stitcher's Guide."  Stay tuned for more details.

Purple Palm Designs has a new lighthouse ornament, "Point Vincente Light."

Purple Palm Designs posted a fourth and fifth new canvas from Otto Agular on their FB page.

Merry L Needlework Accessories has posted photos of their new needle minders on Facebook. Some have wool felt to cradle and clean a needle, some are totally beaded.  All are pretty durn pretty!

Ridgewood Needlepoint has posted new dimensional spring and Halloween figures from an uncredited designer.  These are based on a triangle shape that is made up into a cone for the figure.  The witches have a hat canvas and the bunnies have ears.  The beaded arms and legs and felt shoes and hands are added in finishing.

Kurdy Biggs posted a photo of her newest Threedles design--"Classic Facets"--made up into a bag.  It's not on her website yet but the new "Cathedrals" series is.

Here are models for the two classes Suzie of Enriched Stitch will be teaching at Destination Dallas.

The newest patchwork animal from Patt and Lee's Pajamas and Chocolate line is a monkey!

Laura Wheeler Designs has added two-sided animal canvases to her Nativity Set.

Beautiful Stitches has opened their Etsy store so that the counted canvaswork designs from Ann-Marie are available to her non-Australian fans.

Here's a new fruit basket design from Ewe and Eye and Friends, posted on Facebook.

Little Bird Designs just posted a new flower wreath on Facebook.

Needle Delights Originals has a new counted pattern called "Tidbits" to be released in mid-September.

Colour Complements has new chainette and rayon colors (reduced in price) and plans new color combinations for Autumn.

Maggie has added a photo of a new Lisa Krause design to the Maggie Facebook album.

Machelle Sommerville Designs is updating their Facebook album with four new designs for Dallas.

Maggie just posted one of  nine new designs to premiere in Dallas on Facebook from Kathleen Taylor.  This is called "I See the Moon."

Melissa Shirley Designs just posted a photo of a wicked red-haired witch on her bicycle with a hissing cat in the bike basket on Facebook.  This is a brand new design from Mary Lake-Thompson that will debut at Dallas.

JP Needlepoint's new peacock is off to the finisher so it can wow the shops at Destination Dallas.

Melissa Prince Designs has a new floral clutch purse design, showcased here by Needlework Retailer--pretty!

Sally Cory of Designing Woman is re-releasing her "Swallows-Willows" design from her Japanese Motifs for Needlepoint book as a three design chart, available via instant download via her website (second link below).  Check the FB page posting for discount information.

Here is what Enriched Stitch will be teaching at Destination Dallas--"The Ruffle Ribbon Heart."  This will also be taught at the shop later and a video class is planned as well.

The Needlework Retailer shows off the dollhouse slippers from Natalia's Fine Needlework.  These are stitched on silk gauze.

Lisa Ferguson at My Pink Sugar Life has new cupcake designs, customizable in your favorite team's colors.

Jenny Henry Designs is working on new designs for the Knitting and Stitching Show in October.  This is her first year exhibiting but not to worry--the new things will be available via her Etsy shop for those of us in the States.  The stitchable porcelain ornaments look especially interesting!

Want to see the new colors of Caron's Wildflowers and Watercolours?  Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photographs.

Nenah Stone Designs has a new Santa on the rooftop Christmas stocking.

Terry Dryden shows off two new versions of "Tiebele Nights." her latest counted canvaswork class.

CBK has a new design for the wanderer in all of us--"Home Is Where the Waves Are."

Here's a new Susan Weiser piece from Purple Palm Designs.  It is called "Desert Glow."

Louise's Needlework just posted a new & More Halloween design on Facebook.  It's simple and fun.

Annie Lane has posted a new design in her Etsy store.  This one is the limited edition "Captain Magnificent" - a dog superhero!  As Annie says, "Faster than a flying tennis ball, able to leap small puddles in a single bound it's my New Super Hero Dog Needlepoint Canvas. For that Super Hero in your Life."

Natalia at Scarlet Sails has released a new silk gauze traditional rug pattern this month.  It's called "Konya" and is as a chart from her Etsy store (link in right hand column).

Devon Nicholson Designs has released a second new design for Dallas--"Carmen's Fruit Bowl."  If you want to smile at Carman's personality, click here.

Good news for fans of Terry Dryden--she has a new Etsy shop!

Little Bird Designs has three versions of their Love canvas on an ombre background, all available to order at Destination Dallas.

Connie Picking Stover has announced sixteen new colors in her line of hand painted threads.  If you want something unique and different, email her for more information about the threads.

Planet Earth Fiber just emailed people on their mailing list they will have a darling little Poodle Skirt ornament as part of their Cash and Carry at Destination Dallas. I can't link to any online information so I am posting the photograph above.  Tell your shop to make sure to pick this up for you.

Janet Perry reviews the new FA Edmunds adjustable stretcher bars.

Kelly Clark admits she is nuts about baskets and shows off the new line of Teeny Tiny Baskets that she'll teach a workshop on at Wellesley Needlework November 1. and introduce at the January TNNA show.  There are eight baskets:  Christmas Cookies, Christmas Lights, Stars & Toys, Valentines, Shells, Puppy Love, Halloween Treats, Halloween Tricks, and Stitching Basket.  Most are to be seen here--

Cassandra Prescott of Sundance Designs just posted a photo of the class project (it's called "Sitting Pretty") that she and Nandra will teach at Destination Dallas on Facebook.

Labors of Love promises four more mini mermaids to add to the eight in their collection already.  No photos yet but you can see the originals on their website.

Doodlin' Around Designs has a new tool, a thread easel that will hold threads, scissors and charts. Contact the company via the second link below for more information.

Melissa Shirley is announcing a new artist--Emma Williams.  Her things will be available in January's TNNA show.

Mrs. Blandings has announced a line of needlepoint designs to premiere in January.

Raymond Crawford Designs has a new Phantom of the Opera snow globe, ready this fall, but already posted on Facebook.

Here's a new flamingo design from CanvasWorks.

Jerri posted a brand new Ann Hanson fancy squash design available from Barbara's Needlepoint on Facebook.

Kate Dickerson is starting a standup witch series called "Good Witch."  This is the larger version but it will be available in smaller sizes, too.

Have you seen Barbara Russell's snow leopard?  Lovely!

Barbara Russell also has a stunning new peacock among the new designs section of her website.

Here's another Dinky Darling fairy from Lindsey Pratt that is being stitched by Barbara Elmore to be distributed by Sundance.

Needlework Retailer shows off one of Jean Smith's newest florals (available in two sizes) called Large Garden Jewels #3.  If you love floral designs, you will adore Jean's work.

Sally Corey Design's latest French piece is Arc de Triumph in her signature pastels.

Here is the new Santa from Petei--the Cajun Santa!

Purple Palm Designs has a new piece from Otto Agular called "The Newspaper."

Nenah Stone Needlepoint Designs has a brand new Beach Cats canvas that is darling.  Blackberry Cat (second link below) is also new and charming.

Melissa Prince Designs has two new non-traditional baby announcement canvases with room for the name which can be added to match your cutie.  Here is the male toucans and... is the female flowers and birdhouse.

Threedles has announced the new Poppers, a series of three small ornaments that resemble Christmas crackers or poppers.  One is in red, white and blue for 4th of July, one is in Halloween colors and the last is in the traditional Christmas red and green with gold and cream accents.

Laura Perin has announced a new long panel, the "County Cabin Panel."  It comes in a mountain cabin (greens and browns) and a lake cabin (browns and blues) and of course you can pick your own colors if you prefer, say, a snowy cabin.

Laurel Wheeler has added new personalized pet ornaments to her personalized Christmas ornament series.

Kimberly gives us a sneak peak at one of her nine new five inch rectangles, each meant to illustrate a new technique.  Apparently these will be taught at The Black Sheep in Orlando, Florida.

Juli Poitras just posted a photograph of a new peacock design from JP Needlepoint on Facebook. She's stitching it for the Destination Dallas show.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off the newest Egyptian cat design from Tapestry Fair (to be introduced in January) and a lovely ethnic pattern of big cats from Elizabeth Turner Collection.

Pocket Full of Stitches is having a DJ Designs trunk show.  Nothing is brand new for Dallas that I can see but since DJ Designs doesn't update their website very often, this is a great change to browse their artists' work.  First up are the classics from Mary Kay Crowley.  I'll add more artists to this section as PFOS posts more photographs.

Here are photos of the lovely (mostly) florals from DJ Designs' Kathy Sharpe and Annie LaPoint.

Here are the charming animal canvases from DJ DesignsApril Murphy and the gorgeous florals from Marilee Childs, plus Meri Meri's cute designs, Paper Russell's iconic animal portraits and Pat Fischer's polka dot rooster.

Here are animals from DJ Designs, with several of the canvases from the now closed HP Designs.

This link is to DJ Designs' iconic Christmas pieces and their Asian-themed designs.

Here are DJ Designs' wonderful and classic floral patterns.

Here are people and geometric patterns from the inventive designers at DJ Designs.

And here are the charming box designs from DJ Designs.

Finally, here are miscellaneous patterns from DJ Designs.

Kate Dickinson just posted six new designs on Facebook.  They are various colors of teddy bears and balloon shapes.

Ashley Bradley has two mini stockings for the political junkie!

Julie Mar has a new Pucci-inspired design to add to her collection of them.

Barbara's Needlepoint just announced a new Santa from Cindy.  It's on their Facebook page.

Laura Wheeler has posted eight new Bargello designs on her website, all Bargello patterns against a boxed background.

Needle Delights Originals shows off the first design in her Elements series--Earth.

Accoutrement Designs has new Mag Friends designs--charming cats of various colors, amazing armor and of course--an elephant!

Purple Palm Designs is adding a new artist to their collection--Otto Agular.  No swooning over this piece!

Needle Litte More has posted Facebook photographs of new needle minder magnets from Rogue.

DebBee Designs also has a new piece for the Norden Crafts Online Show.

Threadles just showed new ornaments coming out for the Norden Crafts Online Show in August.  You can see all the newest on their website, right at the top of the home page.  Click on each photo to see other color combos.  I particularly like "Christmas 2015" but they are all very pretty!

Ridgewood Needlepoint has posted photos of new travel round ornaments from an unnamed designer.  I suspect these might be from Silver Needle but I don't know for sure and Ridgewood doesn't say.

Terry Dryden has posted photographs of her newest teaching piece, "African Images," on her blog.  This will be taught at ANG's Seminar in New Orleans in 2016 and after that will probably be taught other places.  Once Terry stops teaching it, the chart and a thread kit will probably be made available but this is not likely to happen for several years.

Little Bird Designs has a new canvas perfect for a wedding ring bearer's pillow.

JP Needlepoint has a new piece on Facebook.  "Blue Pots and Yellow Peony" will debut in Dallas.

Kimberly is planning two new painted canvases.  They are going to be great!

Sharon at Purple Palms Designs has a new cactus floral. This is called "Saguaro White" and it will be released at Destination Dallas.

Fancy Stitches in Cleburne, Texas has designed the Texas Map  Essentially it is a map of the state with each county done in a different stitch.  Both color ways are shown on their home page.  Talk to the shop to get your own copy.

Barbara Elmore Designs (distributed by Sundance) just posted photos of the first of a series of "Grumpy Fairies" using the art of Lindsay Pratt on Facebook.  More grumps with wings will be ready to be released with Barbara's stitch guides at Destination Dallas.

Annie Lane has two new Jack Russell terrier canvases available only throughout her Etsy shop (second link below).

Melissa Shirley just announced a new Vicki Sawyer design called "Frieda Peep" that will be available after Destination Dallas.  Cynthia Thomas is going to teach a class on this piece at the show and her guide will also be available to order with the canvas.

Here are some new horse-themed designs from Kate Dickinson.  They are small and charming, aren't they?

Sandy Arthur just announced her next four cyberclasses--something for everyone!

Orna Willis just posted three designs on her blog that I think might be brand new.  Even if you are not a counted canvaswork person, you'll want to see the amazing colors picked by a master.

Nenah Stone Needlepoint Designs just posted their brand new "Blackberry Cat" design on Facebook.

Homestead Needle Arts shows off the new Cardinal Santa from Mile High Princess.  Stitch guide included with canvas.

Kelmscott Designs has posted photographs of their new scissors and needle minders for July on their website.  There are also new thread keeps and flag needle minders from Whimsical Edge Designs and several counted thread pieces.

Vicky DeAngelis is still posting photographs from the Columbus Market in May but since the Mary Engelbreit canvases won't debut until September, I put thie link here.  There are two new Painted Pony angels, too--Christmas Cats and crabs on the beach.  By the way Painted Pony has the rights to the Mary Engelbreit designs.

Orna Willis just announced she is now making little brass name banners for framed pieces.  You can see the examples on her Adorn website.  They come in several finishes and two styles apparently.

Barbara's Needlepoint just posted photos of new Christmas designs from Cindy who is one of the local painters who designs for the shop on Facebook.

Purple Palm Designs just posted a photo on Facebook of a new design from Sharon Weiser called "Peppers Peppers."

Michelle at Little Bird Designs has a new series--phoenixes!  You can see the preliminary work on her blog.  I can't wait to see the final versions!

Suzie of Enriched Stitch just posted this teaser photo.  This is "Pinwheel Floral" by Amanda Lawford, and it is a new design to be released at the Destination show.  Suzie will be teaching it at the show.