Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Forget to Enter Asian Inspiration Drawing

Asian Inspiration Sampler with Koi and Iris

This is the last big holiday of the summer and folks are busy, but if you are a fan of the Patt and Lee Asian Inspiration Sampler that was in the running for my next project, post a comment in my September 4 blog entry with results of the poll selection another Patt and Lee design.

Patt says I can give it away.  I'm going to use a random number generator to select among those who comment so that fans of the Asian Sampler have a chance to stitch it themselves.  I'll do the drawing Wednesday night once everyone is back from vacation and has a chance to enter if they are interested.

If the Comments don't work for you, not to worry.  Just email me at chilly hollowat hot maildot com and I'll include you in the drawing.

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Nerdlepoint Finished! (Or is it?)

John Young's Nerdlepoint

Yesterday I hand stitched Nerdlepoint to the front of the pink and orange mesh tote bag.  I love it!

There's one slight problem, however.  If you look at the photo above, you can see the coin purse and the little maker's tag inside the tote bag. Yes, the mesh is see-through.  That means the back side and turned under raw edges of Nerdlepoint is visible from the inside  What to do!?!

I have A Plan.

The plan involves the above.  I have 4 inch squares of both pink and orange Ultrasuede.  Nerdlepoint is larger than 4 inches but if I combine both colors, I can sew together an inside pocket that will hide the back of Nerdlepoint and add a useful little item to the tote bag to boot.  I put the tote bag face down on the copy machine and made a copy of the canvas which I then cut out to use as a paper pattern.

The flaw of the plan is that it involves more hand sewing.  I do not like hand sewing.  Yes, go ahead and laugh--a needlepointer who doesn't like hand sewing.

By the way, the scissors tips above are not broken. These are pinking shears.  Stay tuned to see what I do next (or hide under your bed if you don't like all the swear words about to come out of my mouth).

By the way, if you want to see a real tote bag made from scratch, check out Summer Louise's last blog post.  Summer made my Rabbit Geisha tote in pretty much the same way.  By the way, I have a question into her to ask if making this style tote is in her finishing book. She's been gone on vacation recently so I'm just now able to ask.  I'll post the answer here when I have one.

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EGA Report from San Francisco 2

Vicky is reporting in from EGA's Seminar.  It sounds like she is having a wonderful time!

"Waking up to blue skies and sunshine in San Francisco is such a treat! This summer it seems that most of southern California is still waiting for summer to arrive, since most days have been cool and overcast.  I still had today to see some of the many sights of San Francisco and since I have been here many times, I hoped my memory would serve me well.  I started out walking down the street to check out Witchcraft on Janet's recommendation, but it was too early and they weren't opened yet so I kept walking till I found this delightful café for some tea and a nosh. As I left there, which way to go? What to do? There is so much to do and see in San Francisco!

I headed toward the cable cars but the lines were so very long and I didn't want to wait, so just started headed up the street and found myself in Chinatown and spent some time walking around taking in all the sights and smells, all of which fascinate me! Through a combination of cable cars and street cars I worked my way to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf, which was so busy! People watching, vendors and street performers makes it a fun place to spend an afternoon. I could take a boat ride, fly a really! bike across Golden Gate bridge or just walk around and browse through all the shops, which is what I did. I didn't buy much, just a t-shirt as one can never have too many! From there I walked to the Ferry Landing, which for me was a new experience and what a wonderful one it was. It is a gourmet cook's delight and wish that I could bring the entire place back to San Diego with me! Fresh meats, seafood, chocolates and on and on. I enjoyed the rest of the day there and then it was time to head back to the hotel.

I quickly made a stop to see the boutique which is beautifully displayed by Madonna Needleworks and Needle in Haystack and Ruth Kern Books. I will still need to spend more time in there. As I was leaving I walked by the frameweights "Ms Clawdette Crabbe" and decided that I might need just one more, which I did.

Tonight was the opening banquet and the room was filled! I have heard that there are over 600 registered for this seminar. Tomorrow is my class and I do plan on spending lots of time in he boutique and book store! Also in the plans for this week is a visit to Marlene's Finishing and Needlepoint Inc!"

By the way, the "Janet" Vicky refers to above is Janet Perry, who is posting about the EGA seminar on her website.  I've already linked to the article Vicky read so here's the latest from Janet.  Anyone else wish they were there with the EGA folks?!

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