Monday, October 7, 2013

TNNA Winter 2013

The 2014 TNNA Winter trade show is on the horizon and folks are already posting about their new items.  So I have copied all the postings for the 2013 TNNA Winter show here.  I am copying them from the tab into a regular article so that folks who want to look things up later can use the search box and find these items, even though the TNNA Winter tab is now reset for 2014.

New things from many new designers, courtesy of PFOS.

Vicky found more photos of new canvases. Check out the Kelly Clark, Danji/Laurel Burch and Sundance beads and sequins photos here. There are new Melissa Shirley/ Mary Lake Thompson and Sew Much Fun dimensional Raggdy Ann and Andy pieces, too.

Randi is back from Market. Here's part one of her report, which talks about all those Keep Calm designs. The World in Stitches' website is under construction but you can reach her via the email address on her blog.

Randi's second posting is about Ewe and Eye, with some very interesting background info for fans of the primitive landscapes they do so well.

Facebook: Chaparral Needlepoint has added 13 photos to their Just Arrived from Market album on their FB page. There's a blue Russian angel, some of Jean Smith's lovely florals and a rabbit that may be from here, too, a Cooper Oaks (?) cow and chicken portrait plus their trout looking at a fisherman's fly, eight new Easter Victorian Kids to add to Melissa Shirley's extensive Victorian Kids series, several lovely large stockings (many from Melissa Shirley), several Melissa Shirley decorative cat silhouettes, a golfing canvas full of flags, balls and holes, a stunningly beautiful Joy Juarez floral fairy stocking, and the very cute Debbie Mumm/Melissa Shirley Halloween scarecrows and small ornaments.

Facebook: Park Avenue Needlepoint has added a photo album called "New canvases 2013" to their FB page. There are small Halloween pieces, a lovely violin ornament, Christmas ornaments, a baseball piece, tractor and dog bone belts, Christmas stockings (including dede Odgen's nutcrackers stocking which is a stunner), a nice selection of small stockings with stuffed animal inserts from Kathy Schenkel, some Cooper Oaks beach pieces, a lovely graphic hen ad which might be from Lani, and a lot of floral pieces, some from Jean Smith and some from Melissa Shirley. Plus an Indian stand up pair for Thanksgiving or fall.

Absolutely Needlepoint is showing off their new goodies: new books, needles, tool kits, and stitch rippers plus a new Maggie canvas (with stitch guide) of the lady admiring shoes in the shoe store.

Facebook: Pattandleedesigns Needlepointdesigner has added a new photo album to their FB page with all their patchwork cat dog canvases. Look for "Colorful Animal Series."

Facebook: The Top Drawer Needlepoint has a new photo album called New From Market with photos of Melissa Shirley hearts and cupcakes, Shelly Tribbey triangular Christmas pieces, and Jean Smith floral designs. There's a nice one piece Nativity design as well.

NImble Needle shows off lots of new floral canvases plus a few interesting Southwestern, Judaic, and patterned cat pieces.

Quail Run shows off new tools in their shop, including two light magnifiers, serrated blade scissors, a light laying tool and the new Bead Buddies box.

Facebook: Louise's Needlework has a new photo album on their FB page. "February Canvases" shows off new Shelly Tribbey and Barbara Bergsten designs plus some darling little snowman ornaments from an unknown designer. You'll also see very cute Princess and Me photo frames, including a dog house for your favorite pooch photo.

Facebook: BeStitched Needlepoint is on a Melissa Shirley kick. They just posted closeups of Melissa's new Bands series plus the Mary Lake Thompson/Melissa Shirley Autumn Truck design. Think an old Ford parked by the side of the road to sell home grown produce.... They've also posted good photos of the cat silhouette series and of the new Mary Lake Thompson Christmas Tree bike.

Facebook: Park Avenue Needlepoint has added a new photo album called New Canvases 2013 with belts and bunnies and seashore views, plus Christmas ornaments and small Halloween characters and a very pretty Hen and Chicks plant.

Facebook: Old World Designs Needlepoint has posted photos of a new flamingo design plus two wild animal canvases from Birds of a Feather (Hide and Seek fox and rabbit plus the wild boars in a forest).

Pocket Full of Stitches has new (and some old favorites) from Kirk and Hamilton and also from Ann Wheat Pace on their blog. Enjoy the crosses and Halloween small ornaments!

Accoutrement Designs has new magnets coming out for the Nashville Needlework Market. This is a mostly XS show but still I know you want to see the tennis ball, the gingerbread house, the Nativity camel, the unicorn and of course the fleur de lis.

Kreinik's blog has information about their new Easter Braid. It's very similar to their 032 white except it seems to have purple highlights as well as pink and green ones and it picks up the color of threads around it a little better. Photos and sizes available are here.

Laura Perin has posted photographs of her latest ribbon sampler, Victorian Bouquet.

Nimble Needle has posted photographs of new magnets from Elizabeth Turner Designs, Puffin and Company and Accoutrement Designs, while Needle Nicely is showing off a few new canvases from Laurel Burch/Danji, JP Designs and The Point of It All.

Facebook: Old World Designs Needlepoint just posted a photo of the Piggy Queen on their FB page. They are also showing off several leather colors (with matching canvases) from the Lee Leather Goods e-Reader line.

Facebook: Chandial Needlework has added to their Market 2013 Arrivals photo album. There are two of Lani's ethereal girls and a few small cuff canvases, quite a few tropical fish canvases and a darling little girl from Labors of Love, plus their wonderful perfume flask series.

Facebook: Raymond Crawford Designs has posted a photo of his newest design, a collage of California icons. You will see the outline of the design and the areas he's painted in to date.

Facebook: Designers' Desk has posted photos of the newest Femme Fatales canvases from Leigh, including great closeups of the two stitched models.

Facebook: Chaparral Needlework has posted a new album on their FB page. "Just Arrived From Market" has a lovely Shelly Tribbey stocking hung with multiple ornaments on a lovely blue background, several of the Tapestry Tent stockings, quite a few of the Susan Roberts colorful and simpler stockings (many of these feature Santa or have horizontal stripes with various holiday motifs on them), two new Mindy Art Nouveau pieces with little golden bells to attach in finishing, a hilarious cat swirling with blues and reds and little fishes on its body, and some Christmas items, a double sided blue Santa, a nice Nativity scene, colorful mini socks including a pink one with a poodle under a white and pink tree, and Shelly Tribbey's stately Three Wise Men. There are bunnies and Danji's cute holiday mice series, and an elegant but small portrait of an egret. There are a few small colorful abstracts and a BIG nutcracker (Herr Drosselmeyer?) holding a toy nutcracker. There are fancy tulips, a dog hiding in a suitcase, a cat and other breeds of dogs peeking from purses, canvases showing raccoons, trout, key fobs, a 19th Century French chocolate advertising poster canvas, a parrot with grapes, a tulip and a butterfly, and some of Lani's photo frame and Halloween ornament canvases. They've added soem small Princess and Me ornaments to their collection, (love the white owl holding the string of candy canes!), and two Zecca tree, birds, flower pieces, which seem to be a measuring stick for children's growth. There's a blue crab, several simple and colorful rug patterns which would look great in Or Nue, quail marching across a subdued pattern, a Mindy clock with antiqued brass buttons that mark the hours, and Christmas gift tags and a colorful Christmas candy train from JP that I think will be very popular. There are tiny Christmas purses to hang on your tree that come with hardware and stitch guides. There are 88 photos and I know I didn't describe them all, just the main pieces, so do check it out if you have a Facebook account.

Nimble Needle is starting to get new books and canvases and scissors fobs and totes from the trade show. Their newsletter has lots of photos of the latest.

Facebook: Needlepointing in Your Nest has added more photos from the trade show to their photo album on Facebook. Needlepointing in Your Nest has some amazing Barbara Elmore and Sundance pieces (hearts and that Halloween cat of Barbara's with a cat darning pattern on its body) plus samples of how to use Sundance's new Sparkles tubular thread. There are also photos of some of Shelly Tribbey's pink and black pieces and a few Renaissance Designs Santas and their new orange Keep Calm and Carry Garlic charmer. Robbyn's Nest has some lovely custom Christmas ornaments with names of their owners added by Robbyn. has also added a few photos to their album. Check out the "snowglobe" version of the Christmas whale from Kirk and Hamilton!

Needle Delights has posted photos of four new counted canvaswork designs that will be released in March at the Nashville tradeshow.

Facebook: Needlepointing in Your Nest has added to the TNNA Market Winter 2013 album on their FB page. You'll see a sweet tea cup canvas from Birds of a Feather next to a model of their scared cat and pumpkin pillow, and then see some of their sweet primitive styled Santa pieces. There is a wonderful cat peeking at mice playing on a flower stalk piece (designer is MS) and more photos of the Cheryl Schaeffer/Annie Lee chair designs of pets asleep. There are finished lampshades from Colors of Praise, Sandra Gilmore's Nutcracker canvas and the companion piece Clara, a lovely Madonna and Child, a cute rabbit in a coat and bow tie already stitched, plus Sandra's Seaside Santa. There are NP upholstery designs from Fleur de Paris covering a slipper chair and a tuffet, plus a large Advent tree on a yellow background that comes with glass charms you hang on each number. You'll love the nutcracker and Santa head ornaments from dede Odgen with their long beards, and you will be amazed at her stitched underwater ocean pieces. dede showed a large piece with nine varieties of owls in three rows as well as individual small owl canvases. dede's famous rabbit tuffet is on display, too. Jumping back a little in order, there's a little girl from Sandra Gilmore with red curls all stitched for Halloween. (Check out Boo in the open background and the adorable little kitty with its bell on the collar.) Carolyn took great photos of some larger Sandra Gilmore/Once in a Blue Moon canvases, including the detail of the dress of the little girl in a fur trimmed coat carrying a potted poinsettia. Jumping again, there's a dede witch pillow showing the witch carrying a pumpkin as she hunches over her broom, flying past a full moon and clouds, then a dede tall witch in her prim collar with her broom carried like a pitchfork. Finally, there are some Lani models which are very beautiful. You'll see a beautiful jeweled ornament, a Japanese character pillow, a geisha portrait framed, her Goddess pillow, a lovely floral and butterfly collage frame done with amazing stitches, three of Lani's new high heel shoe canvases that come with stitch guides framed and ready to amaze all, plus lots of the pastel small stockings Lani does so well. And of course there are some stitched models of Lani' Venetian mask ladies that'll knock your socks off. Finally, there is a Sweet Dreams pillow, as if your head wasn't full of Lani's stitching already!

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of their newest painted canvases. Some of these are brand new, some aren't, but they are all fun to see. There are things from Barbara Bergsten, Lani, Needle Deeva and Waterweave. The silly animal canvases (penguins, sheep in winter scarves, hats and sunglasses) from Waterweave are new to me and perhaps to you, too.

Facebook: Labors of Love, Inc. has posted photos of new designs to their FB page. There are new clip on birds, the Henry VIII and his wives small portraits, their pretty fan designs that com with gilded handles and two canvases that illustrate The Christmas Story (Ralphie and the leg lamp).

Barbara Bergsten's latest designs are up on her website now.

Facebook: What's the Point? updated their Just in From the Market photo album with a few nice photos of Zecca's pumpkin and birds nest with eggs designs, plus a Clara Wells ocean sign and Asian pillow pattern. There's a good photo of Zecca's Buddhist patchwork, each square a different symbol that has meaning to Buddhists. There is also a Good Night Moon stocking.

Facebook: Chandail Needlework has updated their Market 2013 Arrivals photo album with a series of ocean-themed canvases (shells, lighthouses, alligator, dolphins, beach, fish, Victorian house) from Needle Crossings. There is also a series of Judaic canvases (there are some beautiful stitched models later in the album) and a few Paddington Bear and Piglet canvases for the young (or young at heart). The latter seem to be from Silver Needle.

Facebook: Family Arts Needlework has added a new photo album called Pippin Mini-Trunk. I don't know if these are new from Market or not but I am adding them here since Pippin is a new designer for me. The canvases are suitable for pillows and have a row of items (hearts, Christmas crackers, hot peppers, little black dresses) in the middle with text in the border above and below the row. These look like a fun stitch to me.

Facebook: Needlepointing in Your Nest has added even more canvas photos to their TNNA Market Winter 2013 photo album. This morning I spotted a Danji witch and a mermaid, some small realistic turtle canvases by Colors of Praise (there are several dragonfly canvases that may be theirs also), an assortment of Christmas and Halloween tree models from Associated Talents, new Mile High Princess canvases from the Artists Collection booth plus a set of lovely stand up models (angel, Santa, witch and snowman), and some very pretty floral/rabbit and floral/bird canvases from Katherine Parfet in the Needlework United booth. There were also two very pretty square decorative ornament models from Needlework United in the photo set. Want to see Painted Pony angel and decorative box models among others? This is the photo album!

BeStitched is starting to get their new Lani canvases. Here are just a few. They say to watcht their Facebook page to see more later this week.

Facebook: Needlepointing In Your Nest continues to update their TNNA Market Winter 2013 photo album with canvases by Waterweave, Kathy Schenkel and Kelly Clark. There are photographs of the designers, too!

Pocket Full of Stitches is posting photographs of their new orders from TNNA as they arrive. The latest batch is from CBK, CanvasWorks, The Point of It All and Zecca,

BeStitched is starting to receive new canvases from market. There are some brand new Zecca pieces I've not seen before on their blog, including the lady who heard the blackbird sing canvas, the Polonesian mask and new sugar skull designs.

Facebook: Needlepointing in Your Nest has added still more photographs to their TNNA Market Winter 2013 photo album. These include tiny Sew Much Fun purses, Keep Calm canvases from KSH Designs/CBK, and the fancy bird cage canvases from Cheryl Scaeffer and Annie Lee that appear to come with a cage. There are several cat inside a bird cage designs, too! By the way Cheryl and Annie have designed several chair seat pieces that show a dog or cat curled up asleep and have done funny pumpkins with Steampunk touches (zippers and gears) appliquéd to the faces in finishing. There is a tiny green robot standup done the same way. If you prefer the classics, there is a nice fish from Creative Needle with an Imari pattern on its body. The photo album has a series of football/college-themed pieces from Elizabeth Turner Designs and several sampler style canvases from Ewe and Eye. There also is a nice photo of the matching frames that Maggie/Ewe and Eye offer and a lovely Ewe and Eye stitched model of yellow tulips and other flowers in pottery bowls.

Facebook: Rogue Needlepoint has posted photos of their Cupid and Psyche set of canvases on their page as well as their darling little Ruby Bridges girl, and promise more Downton Abbey- and Dr. Who-themed pieces next week. Chandail Needlepoint has also updated their Market 2013 Arrivals album with counting pins, cameo-style magnets and several Judaic canvases. Garden Gate Needlepoint has also updated their FB account with some gorgeous Asian pieces, some of which I think are from Joy Juarez. Some may also be from her sister Jane Aurich as they look like Jane's style, but no designers are identified. Don't miss the koi canvas! It's a stunner!

Threadsholics Alert! Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of a ton of new threads that have just arrived in their shop from Rainbow Gallery.

Rebecca Wood has updated her website with her latest canvases. I am in love with the small fairy tale designs, but there are many new Christmas ornaments, stockings and cuffs, featuring her happy snowmen, Santa and of course the silly reindeer. (Thanks for the tip, Palma! See you in Bankruptcy Court!)

Facebook: Needlepointing in Your Nest has added a new photo album called TNA Market Winter 2013 to their FB page. You will see Sew Much Fun's dimensional owls and their little purse ornaments, a good closeup of Sherry Bray's beaded flames on a Rebecca Wood Halloween piece (the witch's flowing locks are beads, too!) plus an overall view of this complex but fun piece, Tapestry Fair's turkey made from vegetables plus some of their great new Halloween pieces (including their dimensional owl), some of The Studio's great Baby Sleeping signs and their jack-in-the-box canvases, and a wonderful Barbara Russell sheep. More photos were added overnight so you can see T.S. Designs' work, now distributed by The Collection and a great many colorful Colors of Praise canvases, including photo frames and lampshades. There are also classics from DJ Designs, hearts, florals and the lovely big geisha Vicky DeAngelis loves.

Barbara Bergsten has posted photographs of her TNNA booth and the big candy bowl she feeds visitors from. Why am I hungry now? LOL

The Needle Works has posted some great photos of Brenda Stofft's new Easter egg canvases. Bunnies and chicks! I have mentioned this before but since those photos are on Brenda's FB account and not everyone "does" Facebook, some folks will want to use this link instead.

Facebook: Family Arts Needlework has posted an album of photos they took at the TNNA show on their account. Look for an album called "TNNA Market Photos."

Facebook: EyeCandy Needleart has updated their FB account with great photos of their Crazy Patch Boo-Nanza club, available to all shops.

The Enriched Stitch in Connecticut has added lots of TNNA information to their blog. Go to the link below and start with the article entitled Market Day One.

Pocket Full of Stitches already has new items arriving from the TNNA show. They have new canvases from Lee, Sandra Gilmore, Silver Needle, Maggie and Ewe and Eye plus River Silks ribbons pictured on their blog.

Facebook: Kreinik Manuacturing Co. has added 179 photos from the trade show to their FB page. There are lots of photos of their booth, photos of silk gauze pieces done with their threads, a stunning geometric sampler from Nancy Cucci, lots of close ups of Robin King's thistle piece taught at Market, lots of models from Melissa Shirley's booth (love the giant cracker and the little bunny ornament and those topiary trees are amazing stitched), and gorgeous ornament models from Ann Pace Wheat who does beautiful and elegant pieces. a nice Christmas trees piece from BB Designs, Whimsey and Grace's bit 3-D stars, a sign that spells out Jolly from Princess and Me as well as some of their stitched ornaments, lots of close ups of ThreadworX's overdyed Kreinik skeins, model fortune cookies, candles and cookies from Little Shoppe Canvas Company, Julie Mar's pirate portrait, Rebecca Wood's little Halloween stand ups that Cynthia Thomas has done guides for not to mention Rebecca's elegant small Nativity set, and Birds of a Feather canvases, a sneak peak at one of Libby Sturdy's four coordinating Christmas trees whe will be teaching in the future, Robin King holding her amazing small and delicate sugar skull designs from Needle Deeva, close ups of the famous Timothy Spider from Associated Talents to show how Kreinik's Easter Grass thread mimics candy wrappers on the spider's back, plus photos of the designers and teachers that you have come to know. Put a face to a name!

Facebook: Barbara's Needlepoint shows off a cute large chick pillow and matching cactus plant pillows finished with fabulous fringe. There are quite a few stunning pillows with great finishing in this album so it might be their own finisher's work. I am not sure but I am sure you'll enjoy browsing.

Facebook: Needle in a Haystack has posted photos of the amazing finished models they saw at Market on their FB page. There is what I think is Melissa Shirley's Valentine house, a lovely sunflowers pillow, Trees, and a hilarious pillow of a frowning lady in a leopard pillbox hat and matching coat. There are also photos of Kathy Schenkel's Halloween garland, several Mindy cupcake canvases that are sweet, and some knitting items.

Facebook: Louise's Needlework just added to their January album. You'll see Lee's new cross body purse and several travel themed round insert canvases that will fit there, and the Joy cupcake from Needle Deeva (stitch guide by Vicky DeAngelis).

Facebook: Brenda Stofft Designs added eight little egg canvases to their FB album called Easter.

Facebook: Chandail Needlework has posted a wonderful Ewe and Eye canvas of a window set in a matching frame, a 3-D teacup, a beach collage piece, a Halloween collage, a pretty birdhouse with floral vine piece, a cowboy "sampler" from Ewe and Eye, stitched dressmaker dummys from Painted Pony, and a candy corn piece that spells out BOO in candy.

Sheena's posted her favorites from the TNNA show. Since you may not have seen the canvases, let's head to her blog and gawk at what she turned up.

Sandy Arthur (she of the Shapes of NP series) just taught her TNNA Old Crows class at Quail Run. This isn't technically from the show but since so many shop owners took her class, I thought I'd post this here so you can see what your shop got in to.

We of the Needle reports on the items they loved for their shop.

Cynthia Thomas has announced the publication of her first book, Noses, Roses and Other Fun Stuff. I'm awaiting details on the cost and where to order as Cynthia's first editions are still at the printer's but Cynthia says the book includes "lots of techniques, such as trapunto, various kinds of applique, needlelace, ribbon work, etc."

Nimble Needle has posted photographs of new canvases that include one of the seasonal Blossom girls from Labors of Love and two ocean-themed Claire Lloyd/Dreamhouse Ventures canvases. The Dreamhouse Ventures site doesn't show many of the designs from the artists they represent so this is a good way to see some beauties from their line that aren't usually available online. I love the purple starfish!

If you are charmed by Winter Blossom, you can see the entire set on the Labors of Love website (bottom of this page).

Crooked Tree Needlepoint posted photos of new Sandra Baker Hinton designs on their site. If you love butterflies or sea turtles, don't miss these colorful beauties.

PFOS has updated their blog with more photos of new canvases. This time there are plenty of pastel A Collectio of Designs pieces, lots of Kelly Clark's new small things, and some things from Melissa Prince and Robbyn's Nest that I hadn't seen before. In other words, there are things we haven't seen elsewhere.

Needle Delights shows off a new design and a framed pattern.

Needlepoint Tool Time has added photos of some of their new tools and threads.

Tapestry Fair has updated their website with new Day of the Dead pieces, a new dragon, several stylish Vogue/Art Deco pieces, a trilogy of traditional intricate bird and floral designs, a series of geisha "cloud" pieces, a lovely Asian owl and abstract horse, and more. The two Nativity sets I admired are on the Christmas page.

Facebook: These FB accounts have added more photographs to their Facebook pages--What's the Point?, The Nimble Needle-Atlanta, What's the Point? has photos of Alexa Christmas designs (many of which come with charms to attach to the painted canvas), good closeups of Kelly Clark's small Nativity figures, as well as two gorgeous painted stocking toppers, a wonderful Winnie the Pooh stocking from Silver Needle, nice closeups of some of Joy Juarez/Fleur De Paris' very detailed Christmas ornaments, closeups of some of Melissa Shirley's small ornaments, wonderful Alice Peterson stockings, several nice Shelly Tribbey pieces including a candy covered Xmas tree, and the wonderful stitched versions from Labor of Love's Vintage Ornament series. has several traditional oriental rug type patterns that I think are from CanvasWorks, a range of the simple graphic designs from J. Child Designs, lots of Zecca designs (including their Egyptian scarab and Horus patterns), a magnificent Cooper Oaks turkey, more from Rebecca Wood's children's tale series (Treasure Island, Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan), and lots of closeups of the Associated Talents Beach Christmas ornament models.

Facebook: Melissa Shirley Designs has posted photographs of Melissa's trade show booth at her FB business page. There are lots of photographs of stitched models to enjoy.

Facebook: In Stitches has added more photos to their photo album called Bam and Jeanene Head to Long Beach (Market 2013). One is of Kelly Clark's stumpwork sampler model and the other appears to be a Kathy Schenkel Christmas collage. This photo album already has an Easter bunny (Brenda Stofft?), lovely beach scenes, and the Amanda Lawford dragon I admired earlier.

Facebook: Aristeia Needlepoint has posted two photos of inspirational banner canvases (Shelly Tribbey?) that are made up of small designs strung together. There's even one for Hanukkah.

Brenda Stofft has updated her website with three new Easter-theme pieces. All have eggs in some form but some have chickens and others have bunnies.

PFOS has done one last update, this time showcasing a few lovely Shelly Tribbey pieces in her usual style (including a very cute Xmas birdhouse sock), a few Unique New Zealand Be Calm designs and some lovely ornament stars and rounds from Whimsey and Grace.

Needle Works has posted photos from Labors of Love (check out that fan with turned wood handle!) , samples of Sundance's stitching using Sparkles and some of their new flower shaped beads and a knit/crochet coral reef that decorated their Sundance booth.

Quail Run has posted photos of booths on their blog.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted more photos, including the limited edition nutcracker magnet, some of J. Mahaly Designs' very cute red and green simple socks and Canvas Art by Barbi who has a series of light and airy mostly pastel heart pieces sure to please the sophisticate. Don't miss the apron canvases from Painted Pony or the new angels in their popular series.

Fleur de Paris is now distributing Joy Juarez and have updated their website to show off her work.

Down in New Orleans they are picking favorites and including photos. You might not have seen some of these.

Leigh Designs has updated their website with their new series "Femme Fatales." Let me quote their home page -- "It was the era of 'Booze, Bands and Broads'. Tbe booze was the martini, the bands were big and the broads were Femme Fatales! Ring-a-ding-ding !!!" Here's the direct link to the Femmes.

Needleworks has more photos up on their blog. This time you'll see several Fleur de Paris wine sayings canvases, a bearded pink nutcracker portrait surrounded by holly leaves and berries, a flock of cute dede Odgen owls, elegant flowing feathered singing birds from Michele Somerville, several realistic mermaids in vintage poses, an ice cream truck canvas selling dog bones to a willing crowd of barkers, a big sunflower and grapes floral and a cat collapsed on cushions.

Pocket Full of Stitches has two postings of fun new designs. At the first link below you will see a selection of Melissa Shirley treats, several Crocs sandal ornaments from KS Designs plus a Halloween sign and two candy-themed mini socks with stuffed candy toys to put inside the stocking, a Kathy Schenkel (I think) gumdrop tree Santa, plus all of her treat bags with their stuffed animals, and small Christmas and Halloween ornaments from Lani plus her big Santa collage. The second link has selected pieces from The Artist Collection, a blue forest Santa from Alexa with a fox, polar bear and owl, and lots of items from many designers, including a new Libby Sturdy Santa that is lovely. The little sayings canvases caught my eye, especially Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open with a dog racing down the highway. Most of the second link canvases are Christmasy but not all. There is too much variety to describe well so you'll have to visit for yourself!

Quail Run has also posted two blog articles with more photos. You will see (first link) a gorgeous fans canvas, new metal magnets and counting pins from Puffin, books--one old and one new--and of course the baseball flag I tried to describe earlier from Facebook.

Quail Run's second linke showcases the wine sayings (Fleur de Paris) canvases and dede Odgen owls that Needle Works liked, but also a beautiful orchid and bamboo collage from JP Designs, pompom fringe, and many new thread colors. You can also see Leigh's Femmes Fatale again and also Mindy's beautiful ecru Asian quilt design which I've mentioned previously.

Tisha at Needlepoint Tool Time is finished with Market! Here's what she got for shop, which specializes in tools, gadgets and books for us stitchers. You'll see the iPhone cases that Chandail Needlework also posted a photograph of below, too.

Facebook: Chandail Needlework has posted photos of iPhone cases on their FB page.

Facebook: Robin King has added photos of canvases she likes to her FB page. There's a Mariko King/Amanda Lawford Cats Playing in the Snow and two sheep canvases from the DJ Design's "iSits" series of bathroom designs.

Facebook: Chandail Needlework posted a photo of the thistle model from the Robin King class they took. You can see more of Robin's class at Nimble Needle-Atlanta's FB page.

Facebook: Vicky De Angelis has posted a photo of a large geisha canvas from DJ Designs she's thinking about stitching.

Facebook: Amy's Golden Strand has added 21 more photos to their Trade Show Floor 2 photo album. Note that dede Odgen has a new book out, "That's Not Needlepoint: Shadow Stitches Accelerated Series 2."

Labors of Love has updated their website with new items, including the portraits of Henry VIII and his wives, more new clip on birds and of course the alligator in profile I admired which is called "Ouch!" LOL

Needleworks has updated their blog again with gorgeous things: Lani's botanical canvases, a lovely ecru Mindy piece called Asian Bamboo as well as new Mindy clock designs, a very cute patchwork dog from Patt and Lee, Zecca's bird and flower pieces, a lovely little rhinestone cardinal (Amanda Lawford), and two birds and a wonderful dog from Beth, a new teenaged artist.

Facebook: Park Avenue Needlepoint is wild about the Needle Deeva sugar skulls (stitch guides by Robin King).

Facebook: Nimble Needle-Atlanta posted photos of the Halloween goodie bags from Kathy Schenkel. Apparently they come with stuffed animals (ghosts and witches). They are showing other photos, too. I liked the tallis bag from Tapestry Fair with a tree of life motif.

Facebook: Louise's Needlework posted the model of the witch canvas from the class she took.

Bristly Thistle has posted about the Susan Portra/DJ Designs class she took. If you are a bird cage design fan, this is for you.

Facebook: Maggie Thompson has posted a photo of a Maggie canvas of two birds standing on the hills in the foreground with small houses in the background stitched by SuZy Murphy. There's a SuZy stitch guide, too!

Facebook: Po's Point Needlepoint has posted a photo of Melissa Shirley's Valentine House model. Sweet!

Facebook: Amy's Golden Strand has added a second photo album of goodies to their FB page. Look for Trade Show Floor 2. Don't miss the Rebecca Wood canvas of the sleeping Big Bad Wolf. There seems to be a Rebecca Wood fairy tale series. I see a Peter Pan and a Jack and the Beanstalk and a Snow White canvas, too, all from Rebecca Wood apparently. (Her website isn't updated yet, just checked.) Looks like Barbara Bergsten has done more pink and green Halloween pumpkins, one with a skull and another with a spider. I also see what I think is a Laurel Birch canvas of a woman with a swan on her shoulder.

Pocket Full of Stitches has updated their blog with photographs, including new Mariko King canvases and Patti Mann and Rensaissance Designs.

Facebook: What's the Point? has posted 117 photos from Market on their FB page. Look for the Market 2013 album. There's a great black and gray portrait of NYC from Kirk and Hamilton and PFOS above has smaller ornaments in the same style. They usually give the designer's name, too, which is great. There is nice Halloween trick or treat bag club canvas series from Kathy Schenkel. Don't miss The Zombies Are Coming from Maggie. LOL

Facebook: The Stitching Studio and Gift Boutique posted a gorgeous photo of the cupcake model from the Cynthia Thomas class they took at the trade show.

Facebook: The Top Drawer Needlepoint is posting some lovely florals (Jean Smith?), the Thanksgiving set from Needle Deeva, and new belt buckle canvases.

Facebook: Amy Bunger has added more photos to her 2013 Trade Show Floor 1 photo album at her FB page. Search for Amy's Golden Strand to find the photo album. I like the alligator in profile canvas (Labors of Love) and the Nativity set from an unknown designer. There is also a fierce dragon with paper lanterns in the background and a really cute little robot canvas, waving its various arms. Also don't miss the head shots of Henry VIII and his wives. Someone has designed a series of American flags, one with the stars made of baseballs and the other with stars from shells and lobsters. There also is an amazing 3-D Halloween owl in patchwork, which I think is from Tapestry Fair.

Facebook: The Nimble Needle-Atlanta has posted a photo of Shelly Tribbey's tribute of Paris canvas. It's the Eiffel Tower draped in bunting and with topiaries at its base surrounded by pink tassels and black and white striped ribbons. The canvas background appears to be sea green but the color may be off in the photograph.

Facebook: River Silks has posted a photograph of their booth at the trade show on their FB page.

Facebook: Timothy Lynch the spider from Associated Talents is making the rounds. He's posted photos of himself looking at the small Kelly Clark Nativity model and a photo of himself looking at the plum pudding models in the Kirk and Hamilton booth. These have been sent to the Needlepoint Group on Facebook and are not on his personal FB page.

Kelly Clark has updated her website with new items. I see new angels and pear designs (including a breast cancer and Halloween designs), several stocking cuffs, what I think are Top Hat shaped canvases, and two new Halloweenies characters--Ratt Z. Witch and Grimm (my favorite!). By the way, Kelly just posted that eight new patterned Christmas pear designs will be added to her site later today (Superbowl Sunday).

Lani has updated her website with two pages of the newest items, from her shoes to koi to little fairy dolls. There are also several geisha portraits and a series of African themed pieces, both figures and collages.

Kathy Schenkel has updated her website's What's New pages. You'll find all the classics here, new mini socks with stuffed animals, a whole slew of new college themed rectangles, Santas, and a cute little mini Nativity set.

Needle Works posted a slew of photos of things that caught Colleen's eye at Market on their blog. You can see Lani's fabulous shoe canvases (these are amazing stitched) and a koi from her as well as a nice colorful African lady. All of Leigh's Femme Fatales are shown, plus two big Amanda Lawford abstract florals. Zecca has two pet canvases that are charming as well.

Quail Run has posted on their blog about all the goodies that they admired. Sew Much Fun has a 3-D Raggedy Ann and Andy set as well as a big turkey, a new Ultrasuede tote bag that comes in multiple colors and is self-finishing, a peak at the inside of June McKnight's new book Colorful Backgrounds, close ups of the models for Melissa Shirley's cupcake club and Fabulous Topiary club, Lani's high heeled shoes models in her booth, more of the Femme Fatales from Leigh Designs, Raymond Crawford's Deviled Egg, and the Ins and Outs book from the Landscape Stitches folks.

Facebook: Maggie Thompson (owner of Maggie and Ewe and Eye) has posted a photo of their booth on her FB account. Garden Gate Needlepoint has posted a photo of a canvas painter at work (I think the booth is the Susan Roberts/Tapestry Tent one) on their FB page and also has a photo of Zecca's booth, including a great abstract purse canvas made up. has added a photo album of goodies to their FB page from Kirk and Hamilton (there are Christmas stars, more poison bottles and some lovely large florals) with a few of Barbara Bergsten's Santas and a few CanvasWorks oriental rug designs. Quail Run Needlework Inc. has posted a photograph of their booth on their FB page. BeStitched Needlepoint has posted a photo of Cleo's Cat (Egyptian cat) from Tapestry Fair on their page as well as one of Leigh Design's Femme Fatales (I think this is Mae West/Lil). Janet Burnett has added a photo of some great stitched Halloween ornaments and a witch to her page. Note that these folks will probably add more to their pages and photos albums later tonight but i'm off to bed now!

Facebook: Amy's Golden Strand has posted two photo albums of painted canvases, threads and other items on their FB page. These are from a wide range of designers. I liked the Kathy Schenkel mini Nativity and the woman in black and white with the zebra border myself but I think the Maggie dog canvases will charm a great many folks. Amy promises to get these photos on her website ASAP. Here's the link.

Melissa Shirley has updated her website with new designs.

Facebook: Nashville Needleworks has added photos of Raymond Crawford's booth and closeups of some of Melissa Prince's new pieces to their FB account. The Needle Works has added photos of And More's new Keep Calm and Woof (or Meow) On designs to their FB account. Chandail Needlework posted photos of broad bracelet bands on their page as well as some miniature witch hats. Sorry, they don't say where they found these things. Garden Gate Needlepoint has photos of three large nutcracker canvases they've ordered for the shop on their FB page as well as a great photo of the birds and perfume bottles and Easter and chocolate bunnies done as standups from Labors of Love's booth. Timothy Lynch has posted photos of the 3-D school bus canvas from The Studio By Chapel Hill Needlepoint on his FB page. There's a green Christmas car and an Animal Cracker box and an ice cream truck as well. Timothy says that Kreinik has put out their Easter Grass thread in all their usual weights, too.

Quail Run got to take classes on goldwork from a Royal School of Needlework grad.

The Landscapes book authors have a new book according to Colleen. It's called "Ins and Outs" and is all about interior and exterior stitches.

Maggie has added three pages of new designs to her website. There are plenty of cats and dogs, landscapes both modern and primitive and a set of star shaped ornaments with snowmen inside.

Tapestry Fair has posted a photo of their booth which is full of Day of the Dead and Southwestern themed pieces, folk art inspired designs, as well as two Egyptian cat canvases and a few pretty florals. They also have a life sized skeleton as a greeter. You can't miss her--she has long black hair, a leopard print skirt and red fuzzy flip-flops!

Facebook: Park Avenue Needlepoint has added a photo of Shelly Tribbey's display of what appear to be fairy scissors and magnets to their FB page. They also added a photo of leather keychains from Elizabeth Turner along with a photo of the model from a class they took.

Facebook: Nashville Needleworks has added a photo of all the small items they bought to bring home from Friday night's Sample It! show. There are starfish ornaments, small cones to be made up into a Christmas tree, a Stitch and Zip kit, a crow standing on a pumpkin, a pink jeweled egg, and several small ornaments for Christmas. They also posted a photo of Kelly Clark's Christmas patchwork pillow and three stand ups of dogs and cats from Julie Mar and the model of a class they took from Susan Portra.

Facebook: Elizabeth Bozievich has added a photo of the Needlepoint Now booth (she's the magazine editor) to her Facebook page. So has Cassandra Prescott (she's the owner of Sundance) but it looks like she reposted a photo of the booth that Barbara Elmore took. Janet Burnett (she's the owner of A Collection of Designs) has also posted a photo of her booth. Check all the accounts to see if there is more.

Facebook: The Nimble Needle-Atlanta has added a photo of a 3-D skeleton (and a partial photo of a ghost) to their Facebook account. This must be from the Sample It! display but there is no caption or designer credit. However, the next photo is a 3-D turkey in a Pilgrim's hat from Sew Much Fun so perhaps all the items are from their line. I saw a mummy in the series as well.

A Collection of Designs has updated their website with their new designs. Expect a lot of lovely fleur de lis patterns, crosses, snowmen, colorful socks, Russian eggs and Christmas trees, plus larger Christmas designs of ornaments and sayings. There are also pastel hearts and Halloween items but I think these are older.'s%20New.htm

Bristly Thistle has added photos of new TNNA canvases to their website (birds and sea turtles).

Amy Bunger has updated her Market page with baby's first Christmas ornaments, new magnets, Raymond Crawford's Deviled Egg, key chain fobs, more Labors of Love clip on birds and Julia Snyder's latest book, "Great Layers for Needlepoint."

Timothy Lynch has posted on his Facebook page of the same name. You'll see Timothy himself (a Halloween spider) with some starfish ornaments, all from Associated Talents. To see the unstitched starfish canvases, you have to go to the Associated Talents Facebook page.

Right now (Friday night), the Facebook pages of Amy's Golden Strand and Nashville Needleworks have the newest items showing. Barbara Bergsten posted a photo of her Sample It! table full of ornaments on her Barbara Bergsten Facebook account.

Also, Colleen of Needle Works in Austin, TX has two postings on her blog from Sample It!. The first is a complex tassel of stitched canvas. Don't know the designer, sorry.

The second is one of Leigh Design's Femme Fatales, stitched I think by Leona Cole from Stitch Niche in Mississippi (which has just been sold and renamed The French Knot). There are seven more in the series....

Amy Bunger's website has a dedicated Market page. She says she will post to the Amy's Golden Strand (the name of her shop) Facebook account first, so keep an eye on both sites.

Facebook: is posting photos from the trade show this weekend also. They promise fifteen percent off any item they post on their Facebook page if you message them or comment on it--this weekend only.

Facebook: Nashville Needleworks has promised updates on their Facebook page plus ten percent off items ordered from the TNNA show.

Facebook: Chandail Needlework promises market updates on their FB page.

Facebook: Lani Burston Silver (Lani's Needlepoint) is already posting to the Needlepoint Nation group about her new shoe series and SJ Designs is showing off charted Berlin Woolwork pages from her new publication.

Facebook: Melissa Shirley Designs has posted flyers advertising some of their newest series.

Facebook: Nimble Needle-Atlanta promises to update from the show as they see things and take classes.

Associated Talents has updated their website with their newest designs. First you'll see the Beach micro Christmas stockings, tiny versions of last year's mini socks.

Needle Deeva's website is full of her newest designs now. There are birds and pumpkins, cupcakes and hearts, whirligigs and some large pieces of cats and people.

Eye Candy has started posting photos of their newest items on their blog.

PFOS has posted photos of Danji Designs' newest items. These range from their series of holiday mice and cats to butterflies, owls and small Kokeshi doll designs.

Rogue Needlepoint is adding to their Dr. Who and Downton Abbey canvas series with an image of the Tenth Doctor (red tennis shoes included) and the Earl's Valet. You can see them here.

Judy from "J. Malahy Designs" just posted a darling little Asian doll canvas on her Facebook page. Search on the name to find the Kokeshi doll.
Alice Peterson is adding the darling little Birds of Color design to their Stitch and Zip line. You can see more of their newest designs on their Facebook page. Search for "Cathy Rapoza (Alice Peterson)" to find it.

Tapestry Fair has posted a photo of a few of the canvases they will be introducing at Market next week. There's a turkey canvas, a really darling owl, a beaver-looking folk art figure from the Phillippines, what I think is another of their new modern Nativity set, and a Southwestern design of figures facing a pueblo building.

Sundance has posted photographs of their new floral beads, new sequins and new colors in Sparkles as well as new canvases from Barbara Elmore. There are also class models and a reminder that Just Libby and Barbara Elmore will be in their booth during the show. I am blown away by Barbara's Ghost Cat! Hard to believe Sundance is celebrating its 40th birthday in the business this year, isn't it? Everyone going to the trade show please congratulate them from me!

Raymond Crawford's newest design is a tribute to New York City, particularly Manhattan. UPDATE: Colleen has this new canvas on sale. See the second link for details.
Want to see four sugar skulls full of fun and personality? Robin King stitched these Needle Deeva designs for a TNNA class. A stitch guide will be available from The Deeva once class is over. Great job, Robin!

PROS has photos of new canvases from Birds of a Feather. They are colorful, and full of trees and birds and warming colors, perfect to help me get through another cold and overcast day. There's also a clever bunny hiding from a fox in a mushroom forest that I adore!

Need a new tote bag? Consider these from Hug Me Bags.

Vicky DeAngelis has posted photographs of the model for her Kirk and Hamilton Figgy Pudding design. She's teaching this at the TNNA show and a stitch guide will be available for shops to order.

She's also posted photos of her Needle Deeva cupcake class (and snowmen for those of us freezing).

June McKnight is introducing her newest book, Colorful Backgrounds, at the TNNA show. Here's a bit about it from her website, including a large number of sample pages.

Amy Bunger has a page on her website to post new items she sees at the TNNA market. Here's the link.

If you are going to Long Beach, stop by the booth for Needlepoint Now magazine.

Here are the Sample It packages of Fob Friends and Mag Friends that Accoutrement Designs will have at the Sample It part of the TNNA show on February 1st.

The company also has new limited edition magnets, available from Bedecked and Beadazzled.

PFOS is showcasing the newest Ruth Schmuff canvases. These are from a variety of artists Ruth represents, so there is something for everyone. The range has the cutest fairy tale canvases, a classic elephant and a canvas that spells out Bling in decorative--and decorated--letters, Day of the Dead sugar skulls, a whole range of new and fabulous shopping girls, hilarious Frank Zappa-like cartoon figures and more.

If you want to see more of Ruth's canvases, including those from EyeCandy and Diane Dirks, go to her Bedecked and Beadazzled website.

Barbara Bergsten has posted the flyers about all her new canvases for TNNA on her website. If you are a fan, you must click on this link!

If you are --or know-- a Jersey girl, you'll want to check out the new shift design from Barbara Bergsten which is a tribute to the State of New Jersey.

Pajamas and Chocolate has updated their website with new hand painted designs, full of color and pattern. There are photos of their wooden Shaker box and coaster sets, too.

Needle Works has photos of new patterns in the popular Snap Trays.

Needle Delights gives us a glimpse of the newest chart called Winter Logs. I love the colors and patterns!

Barbara Bergsten has posted photos of her new pink elephant Christmas ornament and more from her shift dress series.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of new items from The Princess and Me. Don't miss the Christmas diver swimming among giant candy cane seaweed!

Needle Deeva's website is updated. A preview is here.

Vicky shows off the Needle Deeva Thanksgiving set and gives thanks to the magic of Barbara's Needlepoint and their finishing.

Janet Perry describes new products.

Leigh Designs posted one canvas from the eight new Femme Fatales that your shop will see at market in their January newsletter. All have the same marquee lights border. If you subscribe to Needlepoint Now and have your January 2013 issue, you can see three Femmes in the Leigh Designs ad.

Cooper Oaks is asking Susan Wallace Barnes to do a series of seasonal doors. Here is Blue Door which combines winter and Christmas.

Pocket Full of Stitches has photos of other new Cooper Oaks treats.

Plus they have some new Zecca pieces, all a Tree of Life design.

We've already seen Melissa Shirley's new Valentine canvases for 2013.

Ewe and Eye has new items up on their website.

Here are four little Needle Deeva hearts that will be featured at the Sample It! night before the TNNA show officially opens. Showmen in top hats and beaded candy, what could be finer?

Patti Mann is re-releasing the Russian Nesting Doll Nativity set. This is a Darcy Predmore design that Patti Mann distributes. It's a wonderful series of nine canvases: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the three Wise Men, the shepherd, a camel and an angel. The pieces are all roughly 7 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches except for Baby Jesus which is only 3 1/2 by 5 inches. Each piece is roughly $80. If you are curious, these and other new pieces should be up on Patti Mann's website by early February.

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Diane and The ChurchMouse

Diane is on vacation, visiting needlepoint shops wherever she can. Yesterday she was at ChurchMouse Yarns and Teas on Bainbridge Island, Washington.  It looks like a very lovely time!

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New from Eye Candy!

Ada Hayden has just posted about her newest designs for Eye Candy. This time she's added fairy tale themed designs and Christmas ornaments. Check out the Princess Cat and the Pea....

The Christmas ornaments will look fabulous when stitched but I can't wait to see what someone does with Rapunzel's hair.

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