Thursday, January 12, 2017

The New Loretta Spears Design

Last year when I was sorting through a bunch of Loretta Spears mystery design charts that had been donated to me to give away to Loretta's fans, I stumbled across a real treasure--a chart of a design I'd never heard of.  It's a one page free design dated 1993 meant to promote Needle Necessities threads which are used in the project.  The design is untitled except "A Design By Loretta Spears" is at the top of the page.  So that's what I call it.  More about this design is on the Loretta Spears blog.

I am starting to stitch this so I'll have photographs for the article about the design.  You can follow along here.

As a special bonus, Pat Miller is also stitching this piece.  She is sticking closer to the original instructions than I am.  You can watch her progress on her blog.  This should take you to all her postings about this piece but if not, just click on A Design By Loretta Spears in the right hand column where she lists all the pieces she has stitched.

Unfortunately, the copyright on this new design still belongs to Loretta's heirs, not Needle Necessities' heirs, so this design cannot be copied and distributed.  Loretta's family, following her wishes, will not sell her copyright or allow her designs to be distributed.  The best I can do is stitch it for you to see.

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