Tuesday, November 9, 2010

News While I Bead

If you don't watch Ruth Schmuff's blog to watch her stitch her mystery classes, you probably don't realize that stitching the canvas isn't the last step for Ruth.  The last step is perfect finishing!  She just posted photos of her Harvest Colors Puzzle as a purse ornament.  Ruth tackles the problem of snagging the stitched piece in a very creative way!  By the way, Ruth's Harvest Colors Puzzle is now charted.  After all, she loves counted thread folks almost as much as she loves us painted canvas fanatics.

Speaking of counted canvasworks pieces, Orna Willis has several new small designs available.   They are called Tiny Trinkets and come with three small frames with the set.  You get all the threads needed to stitch the design three times, in three different color combos.  This is a quick and fun way to see how color makes the same pattern change.

When it comes to learning how to do something, many of us have trouble reading book instructions and understanding what they mean.  Videos are a perfect tool for visual learners and I've got a dandy for you today--Mary Corbet shows how to use a laying tool!   Please note you don't need to run out and buy yourself a laying tool to learn with.  Try using a smooth chopstick, the largest needle you own, or even a toothpick.  I know folks who have grabbed collar stays in an emergency to use as a laying tool.  Anything not too short or long that is smooth so it won't snag your thread will work to practice with until you get the hang of using a laying tool.  In fact, I use the nut pick from my nutcracker set with ribbon-like threads.  It does a better job with ribbons or ribbon floss than any of my fancy laying tools!

In the new product catagory, Chapel Hill Needlepoint has a great belt featuring all the landmarks of Chapel Hill, NC.  This is perfect for any Tarheel, particularly if stitched in Carolina Blue.  (If you are a Duke fan, try stitching the outlining in deepest navy.)

The Cabin Fever canvases from Leigh Designs aren't new; they are being brought back due to popular demand.  Don't they make you think of cabins and fall leaves, wood fires, a hearty stew and playing board games?

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