Saturday, February 20, 2016

An Antique "Tapisserie" Presentation Box From France

Thanks to the Embroiderers Guild of Canada, I discovered this antique needlepoint box from France. Dated to the late 1800s, it was intended as a gift for a new stitcher and includes wool skeins, a frame, patterns, spools of thread and tools.  The only item that is lacking is a pair of scissors.   I am not sure what the board below the frame is for, unless it is a table mount base for the frame itself.  There are two turned pegs on either side of the frame, so probably the frame slots into the pegs and the pegs fit into the base to create a table stand.  Other views of this treasure are available by clicking on the thumbnail photos to the right of the large picture or by running your cursor up the row of photographs.

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