Saturday, February 11, 2012

TNNA News: On the Website

Now that the biggest trade show of the year is over and designers are home, unpacked and have the first rush of orders out the door, they are updating their websites.  Jelly Bean Stock has added a lot of lovely floral designs as well as some really funny pieces.  They usually do movie references, too.  This time they mention "When Harry Met Sally."

HP Designs has also updated their websites.  The new barn animal canvases are totally unique but of course they have new wonderful Asian-themed designs and fabulous wild animals.

Patt and Lee have updated their PJs and Chocolate (these are their painted canvases) pages with new animal canvas, many of which are HILARIOUS.

Maggie's also updated her website with new fun, colorful pieces.

Barbara Russell hasn't updated her website yet but Nimble Needle has photos and information about some of her newest designs.

Needle Nicely is getting in new Eye Candy and Trubey pieces.

PFOS has a few new Zecca and Kathy Schenkel canvases now to view before their websites are updated.  They also have new Alice Peterson, Little Shoppe, Susan Roberts and Barbara Bergsten designs to see.  Hurrah!  Don't you just love seeing the newest canvases?

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Books for Sale

New Needlepoint has June McKnight's new Bling book (and the Halloween one from last year) at a very good price! I think shipping's free, too, so if you want these books, this is a good place to pick them up.

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Community of Stitchers

It constantly amazes me how many people live in my computer, people I am getting to know fairly well, even though I have never met them in person and perhaps never will.  We laugh and play and stitch together and it feels like a small town.  We listen when someone's spouse dies, we commiserate when that perfect canvas we want is sold out all over the world, we help each other with ideas for our stitching and rummage in our stashes for dyelots of thread for someone else in need.  And we talk and talk and talk.

This morning on Facebook Barbara posted a photo of a piece she's going to teach.  It shows a blue door in a courtyard wall and I immediately wanted to know what was behind the door.

Last weekend Ruth Schmuff's shop had a Superbowl Sunday sale and I sent her a playful email, asking if the canvas I wanted was available.  My message made its way to her announcement of the sale.  Just shows what a small world we live in, doesn't it?

The canvas I bought on sale is Ruth's computer pixie.  It shows the pixie in front of her computer, dreaming away.  Appropriate, no?  That's it here, stitched by Sheena James.  Her stitch guide comes with this canvas.

There are several pixie canvases available.  Vicky DeAngelis' guides come with the Kitchen Pixie and with the Needlepoint Pixie.

You can see all the pixies here.  I'm tempted by the Refrigerator Pixie and the Sweet Dreams Pixie, but the Computer Pixie shows how we are all carried somewhere else by our computers, so that's the one I choose.

I am happy (see photo above)!

I am also wrapped up because it is cold outside.

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