Sunday, October 6, 2019

Let's Get Organized

If you like to work multiple projects simultaneously, you need some way to keep the threads for each organized in some way. The Needlepointer has posted a video of their mini foldable storage boxes, showing how you can write the name of the project (or the owner) on the outside.

These come in various colors, so that you can put your Halloween project in a Halloween-themed box and your birthday gift for your best friend in the balloons one.  You can also buy an insert to keep tools organized and a wall mount for hanging.  I'm not sure that any of the boxes except the white board one can be written on.  Plus these have no lid so if you have to keep the dust or pet fluff out, you'll need to put your threads and canvas in a plastic bag before you put them away in one of your colorful boxes.

These are inexpensive enough that your shop might provide them for retreats so that everyone knows where they put their scissors or reading glasses or phone.  They also make a nice present for a stitching friend who loves polka dots or stars or lime green.

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