Friday, September 17, 2010

The Pirate's Hat and Cat's Paw

Last night I finished the gold trim around the edge of the Pirate Cat's fabulous hat, then turned my attention to the cat's face.  I want a delicate look since this is a kitten dressed up in clothes too big for him, so I decided I would try using perle cotton in brick stitches for the little paw to see how things would look.  If they look the way I want, I can go on to work the face.  If not, it is easy to change.

In the photo above I have worked the white part of the paw that holds the signpost and also stitched the signpost itself with a few tent stitches in some medium light brown Vineyards Silk I had.  I think I might work the gray shirt and sleeve in dark brown instead of gray so I was careful to choose a brown for the sign's handle that would work with the thread I pulled for the shirt.

Here's a closeup of the paw.  I think I like how it looks, so I'll work the black area of the paw in the same manner and then start the cat's face.

Before I forget, Marianne now has the Patt and Lee Designs Pirate Cat canvases in stock if you want to buy one and stitch along.  There's no affiliation except I like shop owners to do well.  The better they do, the easier it is for us stitchers to find supplies, and I do love Marianne's used book descriptions.  Your shop can also order the Pirate Cat canvas from Patt and Lee Designs but as far as I know, only Marianne's shop has this canvas in stock for direct order.

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