Monday, June 21, 2010

Cha's Large Full Flower is Done UPDATED

I've finished the large flower in the front left corner of the Cha-Cha canvas.  That's it on the left,  next to some of the background wide diamonds stitch.  What do you think?  Do they play nice together?

On the right is the small flower for comparison purposes.  Sadly, this canvas is large enough that I can't get a scan of both flowers at once for you to see how they compare.  You can't really see how the full flower's stitches are larger and how that makes the full flower come forward and the partial flower recede.

I'm working on the fruit now, but I think I'll stitch one leaf near the large full flower so I have an idea whether I can continuing working wide diamonds as the background stitch.  I don't want to leave the miles of background until last.

UPDATE:  Glenis requested a photograph of the whole canvas instead of a scan of sections of it.  I'm afraid it is very difficult to see detail but perhaps this will help.

Cha-Cha as of 6/21/10

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