Friday, January 3, 2020

Needlepoint From A Beginner's Perspective

I found this article about starting needlepoint very interesting.

Most beginners start with kits they find locally and don't do fancy stitches or light coverage (although some jump right in to what might be a little harder).  You can have a lot of fun browsing Ehrman Tapestry's online catalogue.  Note that these are printed designs meant to be stitched entirely in wool and they are usually 10 or 12 stitches to the inch, instead of the more typical 13 and 18 count for hand painted designs.

You can buy Elizabeth Bradley kits (which like other English designers are printed, use wool and are larger count) from their website.  This is their American website.

Alice Peterson usually only sells wholesale except for their Stitch and Zip kits, which are self finishing and very popular among those looking for a quick gift or a carry along project for a trip.
alice peterson needlepoint stitch and zip

The two shops that the author mentions are Aristeia in California…

…and The Needlepointer in Washington State.

Both are fabulous shops although the online shopping is better at The Needlepointer, and the Gallery of finished pieces at Aristeia will blow your socks off.

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