Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out the Door (with Crewel Wool)

I'm heading out the door shortly for two weeks of vacation visiting family.  But not to worry!  I have sent up a series of Blog postings that will appear like magic while I'm gone.  (They'd better or I will make a personal appearance at Google Headquarters demanding to know why not!)

Yesterday I posted a new article about Tapestry Fair and their stitch guides on the CH Stitch Guides blog.

I also noticed the announcement of a new crewel wool from Weeks Dye Works.  They started out specializing in gently faded colors of floss for the repo sampler crowd so I expect the colors will stay in their usual range.

The WDW website has a nice slide show of the crewel weight wool they are dyeing and distributing now.

When I taught myself to needlepoint in 1988 there were two threads available to me--wool and wool.  I could choose between Paternayan wool or Appleton crewel. I learned to love crewel wool then for its strength, texture, color and versatility.  Although I don't use it much now (I'm allergic to most wools) I still love it and am happy that we have this new thread in our stitching toolbox.

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Overdyed Very Velvet UPDATED

Overdyed Petite Very Velvet
One of the new threads introduced at the January 2011 TNNA market is overdyed Very Velvet.  Most of us have seen Very Velvet (or the Petite Very Velvet, sized for 18 count canvas) in the shops as it is a very popular thread for anything that needs a velvety look. Rainbow Gallery has now come out with overdyed versions of Very Velvet, some of which a friend sent me to show to you and stitch with.

As you can see in the photograph and in the link, the colors are mostly a light to dark range of one color.  I think the reds will be very popular for a red velvet Santa coat since you won't need to do anything to have a subtle shading.*  My personal favorite is the subtle grays but the brown card will be perfect for tree trunks in a forest or for animal fur.

Many thanks to Rainbow Gallery for a great new thread to add to our stitching tool box.

*UPDATE:  While on my annual Woodlawn exhibit and shopping extravaganza, I ran into Ruth Dilts of Needlepoint 101 and 202 fame.  Ruth showed me a small Santa she was stitching using the red overdyed Petite Very Velvet.  She created a Bargello pattern on his coat front, mirror imaging the sides so that the shades of red played out on both sides exactly the same way.  It was gorgeous and very imaginative--a great use of this new thread that showed it off beautifully.

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