Saturday, September 25, 2010

No St. Charles Report--Yet

Lupe, from Tapestry Fair

So far I haven't found seen any online updates about new goodies from the St. Charles needlework show. So you'll have to make due with information about the next historical needlework class from Tricia Nguyen which she is teaching at Williamsburg this winter.  Start reading about the new threads and the project at the September 21st entry, then come forward and stare at the new threads created for this project.  Wonderful!

Ridgewood Needlepoint has a great photo of the new large Lee leather bag with small round canvas, suitable for a monogram.

The Point of It All has banker clips to hold a rolled canvas in position in case you prefer stitching "in hand" instead of putting your canvas on stretcher bars.

If you love threadwinders, you'll want to see what Monica has in her online store--little silvery ornate winders that look like a cross between snowflakes and Celtic crosses.

Tapestry Fair has posted photos of their two new Day of the Dead canvases on their website.  These are licensed designs from the New Mexico artist Manual Salas.  I just love Rosa but perhaps you prefer the floral patterns on Lupe (shown above)?  Mexican culture is a mystery to me but I have a soft spot for their cheerful skeletons that celebrate Death and the love of life that lingers after we are gone.

Stay tuned for the latest as soon as my spies report in!

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Done! Or is it?

The Pirate Cat is done!  His head scarf is redone to make it smoother and remove the empty stitches that were just visible under his hat.

So is he finished?  Well, no.    I'd always had A Plan for spicing up the bland background behind the kitten and now's the time to see if the plan will work.

Step One:  Jane grabs her purse and car keys, and heads to the local crafts emporium.  She hunts high and low, then squeaks with joy when she finds Just the Thing.  ON SALE!  [Yes, like the Spinster Stitcher I'm probably going to have to wait until this blows over and the cashiers forget me before setting foot in that crafts emporium again.]

Jane comes home and takes the Pirate Cat off the stretcher bars, then finds her color copy of the canvas, breaks out the goodies from the crafts emporium and this is what she ends up with.

Finished NOW?
But I'm still not done, so the Pirate Cat goes back on the stretcher bars....

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at