Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Breaking News: ANG's New Website Finally Live

The American Needlepoint Guild's revamped website is now live. A lot of things are still missing, like most of the Stitch of the Month postings and the FAQ page which had lots of useful information, but the 2017 Stitch of the Month is there (hidden under Distance Learning). I am hoping their FAQ page reappears shortly as I refer folks to it constantly.  The URL is the same.

Here is the direct link to the Stitch of the Month for 2017.  Note that all the information was posted at once so it is very hard to tell what is the earlier and latest lessons.  I finally figured out that the latest was at the bottom, not the top as had been done for years.  ANG says that prior SOTM information will be added to the website at some point.   I am hoping this is done quickly as that is also information I refer people to all the time.

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Finding 10-12 Count Canvas

Margaret asked about finding 10-12 count canvas (both painted and plain) on Facebook's Needlepoint Nation. The answers were very useful so I am quoting them here for those who want a larger count, especially now that 13 and 18 count canvases are the norm.

Elizabeth Bradley kits come on 10 count canvas, as do the Ehrman Tapestry designs.

Occasionally some of the Ehrman canvases are 8 or 12 count.  Check before you buy.  Elizabeth Bradley and Erhman designs are kits, with tapestry wool included.

Old World Designs has a series of 10 count canvases that come with coordinating tote bags.

Jean Smith has some lovely florals on 10 count...

… and Cat's Cradle also has some nice 10 counts.  Your favorite shop can order from Jean Smith or Cat's Cradle for you. also carries 10 point canvases.

Designers' Desk and other shops carry 10 and 12 count plain canvas so you can work all sorts of designs from books and charts on them.

Have fun looking!

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