Thursday, January 4, 2018

Threadaholic Alert: Kyo-Temari UPDATED TO MIYAKO

This morning I stumbled across Barbara Suess's temari website again.  This is the best website I know about for learning the Japanese craft of making temari balls.  I've not been there in a while so of course I did a little browse, aiming to enjoy the gallery of Barbara's finished temari.  That's when I stumbled across Barbara's page about Kyo, a thread made from cupro.  Cupro is waste from the processing of cotton fibers.  It sounds really fascinating!  Breathes like cotton but it has the sheen (and the unruliness) of nylon threads and there are metallic versions as well.  Here's the link for all those who love tracking down and trying new threads in their stitching.

The link to a website that sells kyo doesn't work but I was able to find this Australian site.

Kudos to Barbara for all her work introducing us to temari.

UPDATE:  I heard from Barb Suess herself!  Here is what she has to say—

"Hi Jane! Alas, I need to update my website. Kyo thread is no longer being carried by Ai (the link on my website). However she is carrying another thread that is very similar. It's called Miyako. You can buy a whole set in a beautiful box for color indulgence.

The box is Chiyotemari

Thank you for the compliments on my temari - I'll update that page!
Barb Suess"

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