Sunday, July 4, 2010

Up to My Eyeballs in Tent Stitches

I'm busy attempting to complete a third of Cha's background in tent stitches before I turn my attention to the bird.  Of course, this is pretty boring for you, Dear Reader, so I've pulled out some things to keep you amused by the World Wide Web while I stitch away.

If you don't subscribe to Needlepoint Now because you are leery of subscribing to a magazine you haven't seen, you will want to look at the two featured articles on their website.  That'll give you a flavor of what you can expect.  Note:  Neither is a project from the magazine and there are a lot of those in each issue.  Just click on the Featured Article Available Online link to read.  You might also want to check out the Watch Our Video Instructions link at the bottom of the page.  There are photos and videos to show you how to do stitches like bullions and techniques like making twisted cord are explained.  Great information for anyone who wants to learn or brush up their techniques!

If you use iTunes or like to listen to music or audio books, you'll want to check out Gone Stitching's Blog Talk Radio program.  You can find them on iTune or just go to the link below, pick an interview with someone you are curious about, and push the play icon.  I recommend the Amy Bunger or Kate Gaunt interviews as great places to start.

The Bristly Thistle has a Trubey trunk sale in the Michigan shop.  I don't see many Trubey designs online but they are all wonderful.  Here are the photos the shop posted of their canvases.  The Trunk Show link has a series of bell pulls based on cities of the world.

Are you interested in counted thread designs for needlepoint canvas?  Then you'll enjoy reading Sara Leigh's guest article at Mary Corbet's blog.  Mary's on vacation and has asked several folks to step in for her.  SL talks about her introduction to canvaswork here.

She's been inspired to dig out older charted pieces from her shop stock and kit the designs up for her online store, too. Interested in Jim Wurth designs?

Susan over at Plays With Needles has just had her blog published in book form.  If you are interested in a bookshelf copy of what you have written, check this out.

I wonder if I should do this?  Well, maybe when I win the lottery....

UPDATE:  Here is Blog2Print's website.  Very pricey for big blogs like mine but it is something you might want to do for yourself.

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