Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vicky's Bead Tutorial

As she promised, Vicky DeAngelis has posted a bead tutorial on her blog.  She has some great tips and shares her technique for making the rows in a solidly beaded area all line up straight.

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Callaway School of Needle Arts for 2012

I just received the following email announcing the January 2012 classes at Callaway.  I'm quoting it in full for everyone to enjoy and perhaps plan for.

"The Callaway Gardens School of Needle Arts website has been updated with the 2012 classes. Check it out!

The Callaway Gardens School of Needle Ats will be held January 15-25, 2012. This is a ten-day event, featuring classes with the top needlework teachers in the field. There are two sessions of classes; each session offering two-day and four-day classes. There are also some great one-day classes, which are scheduled for the day between the two sessions. Class offerings include canvas embellishment, silk and metal, geometrics, contemporary needlework, color and design, Japanese embroidery, beading and counted thread. There's something for everyone!

There is also a boutique run by Barbara Jackson, and The Dogwood Chapter of the EGA oversees the bookstore and Merchandise Night. All great places to find items that you can't live without! The Dogwood Chapter also runs a wonderful exhibit, which always features top-notch entries.

Callaway Gardens is located in Pine Mountain, GA, 75 miles southwest of Atlanta.

Interested? Take a look at the website at

You can take a look at all the classes, read the class descriptions and download all the forms for registration. You can also call Pat Callihan, the Needle Arts Coordinator, for information or help in registering for classes. Pat is in her office on Wednesdays, and you can reach her at 1-800-7-NEEDLE. Her e-mail address is:

I've recently added photos of the classes to the Callaway Gardens Facebook page, and I try to update the page with the latest updates from time to time. So if you're a Facebook person, you may want to become a friend of Callaway Gardens and keep up!!

I'd be happy to answer questions or help with whatever I can."

Marie-Therese Baker
Director, Callaway Gardens School of Needle Arts

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