Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Two Great Background Ideas from eBay

I was browsing eBay this morning, looking at the latest bargains, when I stumbled across two sales that have great background ideas.  The first idea is based on this Beau Geste canvas, which has the background divided into four equal quadrants, each a different color.

I think it would look very nice behind any simple floral design like this All About Stitching peony.  Each section could be stitched in either tent stitches or a fancier stitch.

The other background idea is inspired by the skirt on this Joan Thomasson angel.  See the blackwork pattern that is just /\ /\ stitches on top of tent stitches?

Stitch those with a sharp needle in a thin metallic over the underlying tent stitches and you can add pizzaz to any plain background such as this lovely Shelley chic lady.

Inspiration is anywhere.  You just have to look for it.

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