Monday, April 19, 2021

Etsy Fun

By accident I stumbled across these charming pottery needle minders on Etsy.  The artist also does buttons and bowls and trays, perfect for embellishment/finishing and for ort bowls or tool trays

This got me wondering what other needlepoint items I might find.  JudyAnn's printed designs are always a delight, whether you like bunnies or shamrocks.

Want a lovely autumnal acorn?

Or a funny crocodile to delight a tot?

Love geometrics or just want an easy basketweave stash buster?  TEW Designs has some gorgeous small rounds in a wide range of patterns and colors,

Want something classic?  This Terry Enfield Japanese-inspired morning glories piece is a wonderful vintage piece.

Etsy is turning into a nice place to shop for needlepoint items,

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