Monday, November 26, 2012

Let's Talk Finishing Books UPDATED

Marianne at New Needlepoint asked about finishing books at the Needlepoint Group on Facebook as she was considering whether to add Pat Mazu's finishing book to her online bookstore.   Apparently it was a good choice as she has been selling them like hotcakes!  Marianne stocks the classic Sandy Higgins finishing book as well as an out of print finishing book by Katharine Ireyss.

UPDATE:   Michele at Bristly Thistle added in the Comments below that although stocks Sandy Higgins' Sandy's Finishing Touches:  A Step-by-Step Guide to Finishing Needlework, they have the 2008 edition.  Most needlework shops have the later 2010 edition.  Thanks, Michele!

I have used Summer Louise's finishing tips which makes me think her books would be very helpful.

I've also used The Needlepoint Doctor for finishing ideas for odder items.  This is an out of print book so you'll have to use Marianne or other used book sellers to find it.

Pat's book can also be found at Stitches from the Heart who also sell her charts.  Sandy's Finishing Touches from Mrs. Higgins used to be available from her website which is gone but you can find it a lot of places now, from Nordic Needle to Marianne's shop to

Anyone know of any other good finishing books, either out of print or new?

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