Thursday, June 10, 2010

New from Columbus: Does This Stitch Make My Butt Look Big?

I might not have a finished Christmas sock to show you, but I do have a slide show of the new SharonG designs premiering at the TNNA show starting today.

Wait a minute, you say.  Those horses aren't new!  No, but what you see is one of the horses' rear end pieces that came out last year stitched by SharonG herself.  She is teaching this at the show and the stitch guide will be available for shops to order with the canvas.

The other canvases are new.  The antique bird print designs are on eggshell canvas, which didn't photograph well.   I'm sorry about that as they are magnificent.  The little Pomegranate patterns are traditional crewel motifs, done with a surprising splash of color.  I'm particularly fond of the fancy copper, black and gold borders around the insect pieces, but personally the Fly Lily Fly series speaks to me.  I'd love to stitch all three canvases of the series.  They would make a lovely set framed together, wouldn't they?

SharonG does wonderful realistic and abstract pieces and lately she has been mixing the two styles.  Look at the above three canvases.  Here is what SharonG told me about these three pieces when I asked about them.

"This was my 11th hour inspiration late last night. Each section is 5x8. Love to design triptychs. I called it 11th hour because it was last minute and kept me up till 3AM, also it has another meaning to me to protect our earth.

Listening to the latest news and my love of history and trying to learn about environmental issues and the green movement sort of inspired me. Listening to the news last night, this design hit and I began painting it about 7:30 and brushes up at 3AM."

I think 11th Hour is the first topical needlepoint series I've ever seen.  I'm not sure I could stitch it without feeling sick at the destruction  of an ecosystem and a way of life we are seeing on the news, but it is a magnificent statement about what is going on.

If you are not familiar with SharonG, here is her website to browse and enjoy.  The latest things aren't there yet but thanks to her generosity, you can see them above.

By the way, for the full impact we need music.  I recommend you listen to the music in the link here as you look at 11th Hour.

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The Nordic Snowman is about half way towards becoming a mini sock.  The blue smoke pouring from your computer yesterday was me cussin' when I realized I'd put the lining together wrong.  It took a little ripping out but I am ready to resew the stocking today and then start hand sewing the trim on.  Wish me luck!

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at