Friday, April 16, 2010


I decided I wanted something a bit different for the yellow stripe in the plaid half of this ornament, so I pulled out a tube of size 15 yellow hex beads (they are not labeled as to manufacturer but are slightly smaller than Mill Hill's Magnifica G11011 beads) and attached them in horizontal rows, using a doubled single ply of yellow DMC floss to attach them in an upright line.  Once I finished all the horizontal lines, I turned the canvas on its side and worked the vertical lines horizontally.  I thought that would work best and I am pleased with the outcome.  As with the royal blue stripe, one row of yellow is worked up into the pink background area by stitching a group of beads, then two single beads.

I need to finish the silver rows.  I haven't done the row just under the tail on the right and some of the silver lines will extent into the plain upper background so I have more work to do before I can say that the plaid is stitched.

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