Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Threadaholic Alert: DMC Adds Diamant Grande' Metallic

DMC has a new metallic thread they call Diamant Grande. It's a single strand fine metallic that comes in six eight colors (silvers, golds and copper plus a new steely silver and a pale rose gold).

Regular Diamant is three ply and non-divisible.  Here is what Mary Corbet says about it.

Diamant Grande is six ply and non-divisible, so it's fatter than the regular.  If you are curious, Needle in a Haystack carries regular Diamant. They describe it as a Japanese thread, so it may be made in Japan and distributed by DMC.    It is possible they may be able to get some for you if you want to try it, but you may need to find it in a UK or European store.

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