Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodbye to The King of Metallics UPDATED

The Kreinik blog announced yesterday that Jerry Kreinik (who with his wife Estelle founded the Kreinik Company) was very very ill.

The Kreiniks just posted on their Facebook account that their father has died.  I hope he knew how much his metallics mean to stitchers, especially those of us who remember the time when needlepoint meant only wool.

UPDATE:  A brief profile of Mr. Kreinik on the company blog.

UPDATE #2:  SharonG found his online obit.

UPDATE #3: Sue speaks for all of us in thanking Jerry for what he did for us.

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The Other Bird

The second bird is now beaded.  My final step will be to work the legs and see if I need to add a bead to the center of the tent stitched eyes of each.

Once that is done I'll probably return to working the lining of Luna's cloak.  I got a little distracted there!  (Beads do that to me.  Do they do that to you?)

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May's Monthly Clubs

Fireside Stitchery has announced their monthly clubs, all of which start in May.  There are dimensional pears from Little Shoppe Canvas Company, pastel patterned hearts from Associated Talents, Rebecca Wood's season tree ornaments, and A Collection of Designs' miniature Halloween ornaments.  Click on the link under each photo to see the entire set.

Stitchbirds has a cowboy boots monthly club.  If you want Western ornaments, this is the place for you!

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