Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For the Elizabetheans Among Us

This posting is for those among us interested in Elizabethean stitches and reproduction threads like Gilt Sylke Twist, and for those who like sales.  Gilt Sylke Twist, by the way, is a mix of silk and metallic wire.  The second link tells you about it.  I have two spools here, waiting for the right project, but since I've heard Japanese embroidery needles are perfect for stitching with this thread, I'll probably pick up a few of those before I try.  The third link is the tutorial on working with Gilt Sylke mentioned in the second link, just in case you have a spool tucked away, too.



The shop Kathy mentioned is famous among embroiderers for the quality of their merchandise, fair pricing and excellent customer service.  A great many folks buy their varieties of metallic threads here as they usually have just about everything available.  Here's the link for a little browsing.

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Replacements for Petei?

Recently Stitcherie members started talking about designers who have small Santas similar to Petei's, in case the Petei canvases become unavailable with her retirement at the end of this year.  The first name that comes to mind is Designing Women. Start browsing with page 13 to see their Royals. The Santas are on the last two pages. I know some of them are on 13 count and others on 18 but the website doesn't always make clear which is which. http://www.canvasconnection.us/Needlepoint_by_Canvas_Connection/Angels.html 

NP Clubhouse has a darling series of Santas available from a local designer. My spies say that these are wonderful but at around 6x9, they are not as tiny as Petei's pieces.

Joan Thomasson is better known for her small angels but she has a wonderful Santa series.  These are usually sold as kits with the painted canvas, threads and stitch guide included.  Of course you can customize them to suit yourself by substituting threads and using any stitches you like.

Needle Deeva also has quite a few small Santas among their small Nativity figures and snowmen, although some of them at 5x7 are larger than the Petei small figures.

I've also been reminded that Brenda Stofft has some small Santas on 22 count canvas.  Beth's Needlepoint Nook is offering seven of them as a monthly club this year.  I wish they were on Brenda's website so we could see the other designs as these are darling.

Carol Dupree has some small Santas that look like great fun.  Here are a few of them, but you can see even more on the Susan Roberts website (second link) that distributes Carol's work.


Needle House has some wonderful stitch guides for the six inch high Santas A Collection of Designs did for them a few years ago. Here are the models.

This link shows all the canvases ACOD created.

Anyone who knows of a designer who does other small Santa canvases that we didn't mention, please add the name in the Comments or email me at chilly hollow athot mail dotcom and I'll add him or her for you.  Thanks!

If you are not familiar with Petei's canvases and are wondering what the fuss is about, here is her website.  Although we might find other small Santas that are easy and fun to stitch, no one will replace Petei in our hearts!

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow
Blogging at http://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com
and at http://chstitchguides.blogspot.com