Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 2010 Chilly Hollow Newsletter Article

I am writing this the week before IRS Day, on a cold day with lots of sunshine. I think Spring has started to arrive in Chilly Hollow and I hope it is well underway wherever you are.

The guide to needlepoint has posted a spring looking bamboo framework chart meant for an initial. She also has created an Asian looking alphabet to use in the center. These are neat!
Here is the bamboo framework,
and here is the alphabet.

Spring always makes me thing of Asian designs. If you are like me, Jane Zimmerman's newest cyber class for the Shining Needle Society is shown here. It's a pretty thing, isn't it?

However, not everyone is a fan of Asian themes. Not to worry. Jane is about to publish a new stitch dictionary, all background stitches. This is not a huge book, so it's not expensive, but it will be useful.

In other book news, Linda Corirossi's books are coming back into print. I own her first book and use it often to find stitches.

Finally, I've found mention of a place to get famous people NP canvases. If you've ever wanted to stitch Abraham Lincoln, this is the place!

Have a great spring, everyone!
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Jagged Silver

Yesterday was hectic so I only finished the silver lines in the plaid, couching a doubled line of #8 braid with a 1/16 inch length of the same Kreinik holographic silver.  It is harder than you would think because the metallic threads catch other loose threads that are on the back and bring them forward, even if you think you had them secure.  It also is hard to keep the 1/16 inch ribbon smooth as you work.  I can see in the photo that there are 1-2 places where the thread twisted that I didn't notice.  I'll fix that before continuing the silver lines up into the background.

Pat asked the in the Comments yesterday what I planned to do with the background.  Wait and see....

Jane, teasing here in CH

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow
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