Lefties Learn Basketweave

Folks who are left handed can have trouble learning basketweave.  There is help available, though.  The best book about basketweave is The Diagonal Basketweave by Davie Hyman.  It's out of print but if you can find a copy, snap it up.  It has everything you'd ever want to know about basketweave, plus a whole chapter dedicated to helping left handed stitchers learn the stitch.  Right now the only place I know has a copy is Amazon.  Ask Fireside Stitchery to check their stock, though.


This book is recommended for teaching all sorts of stitches to lefties, not just basketweave.  I haven't seen this in person myself.

BeStitched has done a video to help lefties learn basketweave.

Other tips I've heard are to start in the bottom left corner and work toward the right, or sit across from someone doing basketweave the right handed way to see what they do in mirror image.  Folks also say turning the diagram upside down might help.

I hope all the lefties of the world find this helpful.  By the way, I have an article listing books useful for left handed stitchers here-

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