Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Columbus Market Again UPDATED

Folks are coming home from Columbus now and still posting about the wonderful things they say there.  Margaret is back from helping at the Squiggee booth and is promising a series of articles on what she saw.

UPDATE:  Margaret is adding specifics to the above.  First, she talks about SharonG and her designs, with photos from her booth.

UPDATE #2:  Margaret showcases Barbara Bergsten.

She also has photos in her online Photo Album from the show.  Look at pages 1-3. Anything posted after the first of June is from Columbus.

Peggy is home now but full of stories (and photos) of the classes she took at the TNNA show.  These are presented so that shop owners learn new techniques, stitches and about new threads and can pass the knowledge along to their customers.  Peggy, thanks for taking the classes on our behalf--it was a huge sacrifice!  [Big grin]

DMC's blog has two product summaries: one on the workhouse perle cotton (which is so useful so many places) and their newer satin floss.  Each article has photos of needlepoint projects done with the featured thread.

I expect a little more information to trickle out over the next few days.  Stay tuned for more news....

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Announcing the Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides Blog

Now that most of the news from the Columbus TNNA show has stopped coming out, I have news of my own to announce.  I have a new blog!  It is called Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides.  It lists not only my stitch guides which are for sale, but tells you where to find stitch guides for a whole range of designs from many stitch guide writers.  It's not all about me, in other words.  LOL

The new blog tells you which stitch guides I have available and how to order them.  I hope that other stitch guide writers will email me at sg from chnp with information about whose canvases they have guides for, give me contact information, prices, etc.  I'll add that to the CH Stitch Guides site along with any other information I can find about which shops do free stitch guides if you buy from them, who will do custom stitch guides, etc.

The new blog is evolving.  There are twenty-eight articles already.  You can browse them one by one or just use the search box at the upper left hand corner to find your favorite designer or stitch guide writer.  Feel free to send me information about other guides and writers if you happen to know the details.

Blog is changing also.  Occasionally I rearrange the furniture, so to speak, by choosing another layout template, changing the header photo, and changing the colors of the titles and links, etc.  I get bored with the old look after a while and am always looking for something that looks good but is also easy to read.  Sorry to have startled you guys with a change without notice yesterday.  I just had longer computer access than usual and moved things around.  It's my version of rearranging the living room furniture without the heavy lifting!

Those of you with sharp eyes have already noticed the magic carpet that tops the list of blogs I maintain at the bottom of this page.  Clicking on it takes you to the new stitch guide blog.  There is now a tab at the top of this page that has the link, too. You can always bookmark the new site, but any time you visit the Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure, you can go on to the CH Stitch Guides site.  (And vice versa--the magic carpet will bring you back here once you visit if you like.)

I hope that CH Stitch Guides will be a resource for all stitchers who are interested in a specific canvas, who collect a certain stitch guide writer's work, or who are just interested in what's available.  I also hope that the original blog's new look is easy to read and makes it easy to find things once you get used to it.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at