Monday, December 27, 2010

The New Year Approaches

January 2011 is almost here.  For us stitchers, that means the TNNA trade show in less than two weeks is going to tempt our favorite shop owners with the latest things available.  A great many painted canvas designers are starting to post hints about their new designs.  Were you a fan of the Kelly Clark pear series last year?  It looks like this year she is doing a set of candy canes.

Teachers are showing off new things, too.  Terry Dryden is showing off her latest design which is called Sahara.  She does lovely abstracts full of color and pattern which are a delight when they are finished. She's going to post progress reports as she stitches the original, too.

Anne Stradal is continuing to design and then stitch her Nutcracker ornament series.  The next one has three little ballerinas in the Dance of the Flowers.  Even if you aren't interested in the ballet, you'll want to get this for the tiny dancer in your life, or just watch to see how Anne fixes the problem of making a pink background and pink skin look different.

Squiggee is bringing flamingos to Market!  If you are curious, there's a link to a slideshow of all the new items here.

Patt and Lee Designs are new to Market and are explaining all the things they have to do to get ready to go and sell themselves to the shops.  It's fascinating reading for anyone interested in the business of needlepoint.

There are other new products available.  Kreinik now has gold and silver paillettes.  Sequin lovers unite!

LilyStitch has new miniature travel scissors of a kind I've never seen before.  Your mom rocks.

Finally, Janet Perry has a review of the newest Carolyn Hedge Baird book.  If you are on the fence about this one, read the review and decide whether to ask your shop owner to pick up a copy for you.

On another topic entirely, I think you'll enjoy Plays With Needle's photo essay.  Good job capturing the moment, Susan.

Now Watson and I are going out to play in the snow....

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