Monday, September 17, 2012

Visiting PFOS

Tisha just got back from a Julia Snyder retreat at Pocket Full of Stitches (PFOS) and treated us to a peek inside the shop that I think ignited the craze for monthly clubs.

By the way, here's PFOS' website.

And here is more about the retreat.

Since we are talking PFOS, here are some of the latest Rebecca Wood Christmas ornaments they just got in stock.

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The Candy Cane Addicts UPDATED

I have a friend who is addicted to the small Melissa Shirley cracker canvases (she stitches one a week during her long commute), and now it looks like there is another group of addicts: The Candy Cane Crew!  These are all from Carol Dupree.  I think her work is distributed by Susan Roberts.

UPDATE:  Dale joins the Candy Cane Addicts.

And the Young Needlepointer is an addict, too.

I think some of these are Dupree custom designs but Needle Works carries them with various Texas college symbols.  Browse all her canvases to see what is in stock.

I love the sweet faces of Carol Dupree's angels but I confess I never noticed the candy canes before.  Thanks for the tip, Candy Cane Crews!

P.S.  There is a tote bag ornament addict here, too!

The little beach bag totes are from Linda Lahm.  You can see the entire series here.

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