Sunday, November 25, 2012

Clever Ideas Shared

I've been collecting clever ideas this week from all the blogs I read. Ready to be amazed? First up, Brenda Hart taught Vicky how to cleverly create handles for What's the Point tote bag ornaments with rushed River Silks ribbon.  The second link has more information about the background stitches and shows off the inside of the totes better.

If you need some tote bag ornaments for your tree, here's the website.  These are from Linda Lahm, by the way.

Anne has a very clever (and easy to compensate) stitch for the background behind her penguin.  I especially love that she used a white metallic to simulate sparkling snow!

The penguin is one of Anne's designs.  The others from the Penguins on Parade series are on her website.

Needle Nicely just repurposed a Christmas stocking by removing the name at the top and refinishing it so that it would work as a fundraiser.  Anyone who needs to remove a name on their stocking, take note that many finishers say this is a tricky business.

Want to see amazing chickens?  Or a great stocking top?  Needle Works is the place.

How about a Velvet Stitch beard?  Classic!

Check out the clever open stitch on Santa's bag and the beautiful open gold metallic pattern on the striped border, all courtesy of Julia Snyder's class at Bedecked and Beadazzled!

There are enough great ideas here to keep us all stitching for a solid month!

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