Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Bit Behind But Still Here

I overslept this morning and then spent a while getting all the volunteer stitchers organized so I'm late posting to Blog. Sorry.  I have five volunteers with a problem canvas all lined up, ready to show off the canvas and ask for your ideas on how to stitch them.  The conversations will start Saturday and I hope everyone will chime in with ideas.  After all, this is an analysis and working plan for these designs, not a stitch guide that reports on something already stitched with exact directions on how to reproduce the pattern.  Many of Blog readers may have worked a similar canvas and can report what they did to give the volunteers ideas.  But they will have to try them all out and see how well they work before we know.  That probably won't be possible on Blog since most of the volunteers brought very large canvases with them.  But I hope next year sometime we'll get to see photographs of their finished work.  So put on your thinking caps!

In other news, Busy Needle has a big sale going on this week.  25% off everything in stock.

Stitches from the Heart has a new photo of ScottLee up on their blog.  These are the folks who distribute Jean Hilton's designs and fans will enjoy seeing a new colorway.  Click on the photograph for a huge, wonderful look.

I'll be back tomorrow more organized, I hope!

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