Friday, August 27, 2010

Jane and Joy (and Liz)

Last night when I moved to the second corner on Cary Grant, I discovered I'd made a mistake in the copper metallic areas in the remaining three corners.  I decided I'd just cover up the mistake with my black triangle but that is easier said than done so I don't have any progress photos for you today. The moral is don't stitch when you are tired and don't try to compensate for mistakes when you are tired!  Its very tempting to use stitching to relax but complicated things are not what you need to be stitching when you need to relax.  Remind me of that occasionally, will you?

Since I don't have any progress to show you today, how about we head over and explore a few fabulous websites?

Joy Juarez has added some new things to her site.  I love the new pre-stitched Christmas ornaments in the "Stitched Ornaments" section!  For $25 things like a tent stitched baby unicorn in a basket can decorate your tree.  Naturally her Oriental canvases are stunningly beautiful but every section has something beautiful to see.  The photo above is White Egrets with Orchids from the Birds section. These can be purchased directly from Joy and they will be a joy to stitch and treasure.

Once you have browsed the eye candy and are ready to move on, let's go visit Jane Aurich, Joy's sister.  They both do wonderfully detailed designs you can buy straight from their studios, but they have different art styles.  This is gorgeous stuff, perfect for the traditional stitcher who wants a piece of art in their lives.  The photo above is of her new piece, Moon Iris.  It is beyond beautiful! Cooling Bath is almost as wonderful in my eyes.   There is a lot to admire and enjoy here.

And for you counted canvaswork folks, it is part of my Evil Plan to toss out counted projects occasionally to keep you coming back here until you can't resist trying painted canvases.  You'll be happy to hear Liz Morrow has added two new bargello charts to her website.  The photo above is her 12 Days of Christmas.  It's an unusual Christmas piece that is full of fun for your holiday season.  Many of us like to decorate for the holidays but don't really want things too traditional.  This is exactly that.

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Mysteries, Candy and More

Ann Strite-Kurz

I'm getting a backlog of things to tell Blog readers about, so let me list them now before I forget or they become outdated:

We have a mystery to solve.  Do any counted canvasworkers detectives recognize the top design at the link below?  The Needleart Nut is trying to identify it so she can get the directions and finish it.  The bottom piece is Crown of Hearts by Jean Hilton and Pat's already got the chart to complete that.  But the top piece is still unidentified. has a great profile (with many photos) up on their blog about Canvas Candy, the JL Canvas Company series of both a painted canvas and an identical glass ornament.  Have fun seeing more sets at their website in the second link.

A new shop is about to open in the Richmond, VA area.   Here's a bit about it.  If you are there on September 1, tell them hi!

How long has it been since you visited Needle Artworks?  This is the best place to pick up Genny Morrow, Marion Scoular, or Ann Strite-Kurz designs, plus they offer a gateway to the always popular Carole Lake notebook classes.  There's a lot more to find (like the beautiful Luan Callery stumpwork kits) and the revamping of the site shows it all off beautifully.  The design above is Ann S-K's lovely Red Japanese Lantern, by the way.

Have fun browsing.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at