Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Two JP Needlepoint Ornament Holiday Designs from Ridgewood Needlepoint

Stephanie and Adrienne at Ridgewood Needlepoint are tackling two JP Needlepoint ornament canvases and posting their stitches each Monday.  One ornament canvas is for Christmas and the other for Hanukkah.  It will be fun to see how these two designs come to life and educational if you have holiday ornaments of your own to stitch.

The first posting is Stephanie talking about the Hanukkah canvas and how the first two ornaments were stitched.  She reminds us that many canvases don't have enough space for fancy stitches, so they will emphasize using a variety of threads and embellishments as well as stitches on these pieces.

The second week's posting talks about the Christmas canvas and how ornaments 1 and 2 are stitched.  The threads list for six of the ornaments is included.

The third week's post covers ornaments three and four on the Hanukkah design.

Week four covers ornament three and four for the Christmas design.

Week five covers ornaments five and six on the Hanukkah design.

Week six is back to Adrienne's Christmas ornaments five and six.

Week seven is about the Hanukkah design's ornaments seven and eight.

Week eight covers the Christmas ornaments seven and eight.

Ornaments 9-12 for the Hanukkah design.

Ornaments 9-12 for the Christmas design.

Ornament 13 and the background are all that is left on the Hanukkah piece.

Here are ornaments 13-16 on the Christmas one.

The final four Christmas ornaments are described here.

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