Friday, August 17, 2018

Carol Martine, Artist in Dimensional Needlepoint UPDATED

Carol Martine has decided to do more dimensional needlepoint. Her blog shows off three pieces she's already finished. Now I cannot wait to see what she is working on now!

Here is what Carol is starting.  What do you think?

She's trying to pick her focal point and establish a good layout.  Note that she has labeled some areas of the design to remind herself of the dimensional effect she wants.

Carol stenciled the background pattern around the border, using various colors but making sure each color was used in three locations.  I thought that interesting.

Carol has started with the padding for leaves on her background border once she traced the stems and leaves onto the border.

Now the stenciled background has been stitched and some of the leaves are in.

Carol's having way too much fun with silk ribbon!

Now that Carol's thinking about the center of her design, she'll pulling supplies as a way to help focus her ideas.

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