Friday, October 23, 2020

Substitutes for Memory Thread

It's debatable whether DMC's memory thread (a thin copper wire wrapped with their floss) is discontinued or not.  Lots of people say it is but it is easy to find online.  DMC is notorious for discontinuing a line in one country but not another and I can't find out for certain.  

But given that a lot of people are looking for a substitute, you might consider Kreinik's Hot Wire, now called Wired Braid, which is their size 16 metallic braid with wire down the middle.  It comes in 18 colors.  You can also make your own, although this is easier to do with the larger sizes of Kreinik than the smaller ones.

Painters Threads carries gimp, which is a thick, non-wired thread that you couch into position.  It may be easier to use than a wired thread in some situations, too.

Their gimp comes in all the Painter Thread overdyed colors, too.  You can order directly from the distributor if your local shop doesn't carry this.

I've also couched size 5 perle cotton and Kreinik's metallics when I needed a raised line.  Where there's a will, there is a thread for this!

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