Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Is My Butt Too Big?

dede Odgen's Reflections Bunny Ornament
I'm still really busy this morning with TNNA postings but I did want you to see this little dede Odgen ornament I worked on during Christmas when I had my Day of the Dead lady put safely away while we had houseguests.  The photo you see above shows the bunny's head stitched in brick stitches over two threads and the body stitched in brick stitches over four threads.  The contrast between the size of the stitches is too much.

What to do?  Rip out?  I could have ripped out the body and redone the brick stitches over three instead and that probably would have muted the effect.  However, I decided to pull out my bunka brush and fuzz the heck out of the body and head as a way to hiding the size difference.  Aren't familiar with bunka brushes?  Here's a picture.

It works quite well but not in tiny spaces like the bunny's head where I had to be careful not to snag the ears.  For that I used my Boo-Boo stick, which is normally used to get fuzz off a canvas after you rip out a section.  It did a good job on the head although that area isn't as fuzzy.  It's nylon bristles won't fuzz an area the way the metal bristles of the bunka brush will.

Bunny after Fuzzing

By the way, the body is done with two plies of DMC's glow in the dark white floss mixed with a strand of Wisper.  The rabbit does glow a bit except for his ears, which are all Wisper, but not as much as the skein itself glows.  Using only two plies muted the effect but I do like it.  I don't think Glow in the Dark is Halloween only.

I plan to add stem stitches with Wisper along the shoulder join between the head and body but you'll have to wait to see how it all turns out.  I am concentrating on Belleza right now.

The reflection ornament is from a series by dede Odgen.  They aren't on her website but you can see most of the series here by using the search button under the header and looking for "reflections."

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