Monday, June 19, 2023

Stitches for Dogs (and a Cat?)

Stephanie Dresher-Mandelbaum of Ridgewood Needlepoint is stitching a fun Maggie canvas of dogs and posting about the stitches they choose for each of the six dogs (and one cat) in this charmer.

I'm hoping they will continue to add dog fur stitches each Monday.  If they do, I'll update this article.

Hurrah!  This time Stephanie stitches the tan and white dog on the far right side.  It's darling!

The body of the tan dog on the left looks good.

Now the tiny cat is finished as well as the doxy in the upper right hand corner.

Stephanie has added glass eyes from Etsy, started the sky background and stitched the black Scottie.

The Dalmatian is done and after a little help from Julia Snyder, the black terrier's tail is enhanced and superb.

"Under Cover" is finished!  Stephanie ends her discussion of this fun piece explaining the threads and stitch used for the sky.  

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