Monday, July 3, 2023

Pointing It Out Talks Silk Ribbons

The Pointing It Out Podcast talks about silk ribbons.  You'll learn the various brands, widths, colors, and more.

Want to browse ribbon brands?  Here are the websites (in alphabetical order) for the brands discussed.

The silk ribbon embroidery book they recommend is A-Z of Ribbon Embroidery.  Inspirations publishes it and sells it so their website has lots of glimpses of the inside of the book.  Shop around as prices vary.

This is the tiny pliers that Megan uses.

Rittenhouse sells an assortment of chenille needle sizes from

I prefer my tekobari for ribbon work but any laying tool with a blunt, smooth tip will work.  I think this is the Rainbow Gallery ribbon laying tool.

If you are interested in thread winders, there are tons available.  Most are imitation mother of pearl these days.

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