Friday, January 19, 2018

Threads, Beautiful Threads

Now that we all survived the holidays, you may be thinking you'd like to treat yourself to something special.  My personal favorite treat is a new skein of thread, since I am a threadaholic, but if you are wanting to try some new threads or are looking for a color combo for a new chart and coming up empty, Orna Willis's Adorn by Orna Etsy shop is the place to browse.  Personally I think the little $42 packs that come with a free design are a great buy.

Here are all her thread assortment packs. But don't miss clicking on All on the left side of the page so you can ogle the bead packs, the Ultrasuede collections, the ribbon collections, and of course, THE DESIGNS.  Orna is a master of color so the collections are about as beautiful as any you will find.

Thanks, Orna.  Now I have to decide what colors are Must Haves.  Sigh.


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