Sunday, February 27, 2011

By the Way...

...the Stitching/Destashing Blog has added a bunch of new things for sale.  Read the header of the blog for information on how to buy.  And move fast--there are good deals here and folks are starting to realize it.

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Settling in With Morning Eye Candy

Janet Perry alerted me to a new design by Debbie Rowley (DebBee's Designs) called Eight Pansy Portraits.  It's a charted study of eight different flowers in different shades.  You can see good photos in the second link and read about the chart booklet in Janet's review.,-canvaswork,-Debbie/Detail.bok

Speaking of eye candy, you will want to see Vicky De Angelis' interpretation of the SharonG canvas called Cat Walk.  The framing is spectacular to match Vicky's stunning stitching.

I haven't been idle.  I've finished Luna's hair except for her bangs and the hood of her cloak and it's fur trim is done.  I am doing the easy stitching instead of the harder cloak lining as this has been a busy week with not much energy for stitching at night.

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